Boardwalk, Preferred or Boardwalk view?


Ok, we may be buying some points to use for our last minute July trip, and we may stay at Boardwalk, we are DVC members and have been at OKW and SSR, which is better, the Boardwalk or Preferred view?

Are other choice will be POR, which will be $520 and not involve points.

If we get the points it will be $450 max, but I will try for $8/point, they expire Aug 31 06, so they need to move them, they have 119, so I may be able to get $8 each.

Boardwalk and Preferred view is 60 points

Standard is 50 points


Boardwalk View. Could there be any other choice. I’ve stayed in the Yacht and the Beach and have always had Lagoon View. Why stay on water, if you can’t see it?


Get the Boardwalk View!!! You might even get lucky and have a fireworks view too… the Boardwalk is so great, expecially at night!


That sounds awesome!!! I am just working on finding someone that needs to rent points that expire soon.

If I can’t find anyone on disboards we will end up at POFQ, which is nice too.


Hardest suites to get at Boardwalk - the standards. Know why? After staying there once, people figure out that the preferred views just aren’t worth the extra points and the Boardwalk views are noisy. Expect noise until at least 2 am - that’s when Jellyrolls let’s out. We’ve stayed at BWV 3 times - once on the Boardwalk, once in preferred (where you get to look at that crazed clown in the swimming pool) and once in a standard - which overlooked the front of the resort, had pretty views of lawns and a stream (yes, the parking lot was in the background, but far in the background) and was quiet.


So points do expire???


Yes - you can bank them for a year, but then they must be used up.


Yea they do, you can bank points too, but at some point they expire.


O.k I really need to call my DVC rep and ask a lot of questions. Everytime I think I have it down someone will post a question and I find myself saying… yeah, good question. :huh: LOL!


Who stays in the room long enough to care?

What you want is a comfortable place to crash!


DayDreamer, you bought DVC??? AWESOME!!!


Thanks for all the advice, we ended up getiing a studio at SSR $531.90 using the annual pass discount