Boardwalk Restaurants


Can anyone recommend a good, fun place to eat on the Boardwalk? The group will be: DB36, DM??:laugh: , DS13, DD7 and myself. We’ve never ventured here with all of the times we’ve been to WDW. My brother is leaning toward ESPN (of course!!) so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Spoodles is a place on here that is liked…I personally don’t get it, but it’s a favorite of many members here.


We met my cousin and his wife and daughter on the Boardwalk on our last vacation (Dec/Jan) and ate at ESPN Club. The wait was long (well, the wait was long everywhere). There are no ADRs. First come, first serve basis. We had a party of 9, counting the baby. We were seated at a high-top table, very large, in the main room with the big screen. There was a game on (I don’t remember which one, but I’m sure if I asked my dad that he would know). It was very loud. The baby had to sit in our laps (we rotated) because they didn’t make a high chair for the high-top. Service was mediocre. But it was loud. Very loud. The food was great. I loved it. However, I was seated on the end, and could not converse with my cousin or dad or his wife because they were on the opposite end. I could really only talk to my mom or sister, and even then I had to shout. It was very loud. There are TVs in the bathrooms, so you can watch the game as you pee (heehee… they are so thoughtful!). It was quiet in the restrooms. Very tempting to stay in there to watch the game. Did I mention that it was loud? Fans screaming at the TV. It was bazarre. Very, very, very, very, very, very LOUD!!!

But the food was great.

I suggest Spoodles. :happy:


I think ESPN is perfect for a 13 year old boy, he’ll love it.

We’ve been to ESPN several times and enjoyed it. It’s not fancy but the food is fine and the service has always been good at the least. You could also walk over the Beach Club and try Beaches and Cream, it’s also good but the waits can be long.


If you broaden out to include all five hotels, you have a ridiculous amount of choices, though many are pretty pricey. The Beach has Cape May Cafe which features a seafood buffet at dinner and a character breakfast every morning. Beaches and Cream is a soda shoppe/coffee shop with a pitiful selection of flavors that includes only chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and butter pecan. Yacht has Yachtsman’s Steakhouse. Dolphin has Shula’s Steakhouse and Todd English’s bluezoo. There’s an interesting new Italian restaurant in the Swan and besides Spoodles and ESPN, the Boardwalk also has Big River Grille and Brewing Company and the Flying Fish Cafe. I’d strongly suggest you get reservations, although you have to call Big River directly and ESPN doesn’t do reservations.


To add to what’s been posted, we love the burgers and fries at Beaches & Cream, Kimono’s in the Swan has great sushi and tempura,

Il Mulino’s in the Swan has excellent although very hi priced Italian. We go to the bar area for pizza and dessert.

Blue Zoo has excellent flat breads, seafood appetizers, oysters, etc. Pretty upscale prices too.

Flying Fish is an upscale seafood place. We go a lot for mussel appetizers. Fun to sit at the chef’s bar and watch the guys cook.

You can get pizza at an outdoor window along the Boardwalk, along with some other comfort food type booths.

ESPN has pretty good food, imho. Fun sports place if you’re into that.



Almost everyone. Its OK:huh: !!!


Big River is a very nice resturant & ESPN is just a fun place to be with good burgers & apps. We met Sammy Knight formally a Miami Dolphin. Now he’s a KC Chief, my DS favorite team…


We usually try to do ESPN one day for lunch. We’ve also watched the NFL draft there before. If there is a big game (or the draft!) that day, expect the wait to be LONG (people don’t leave when they are done eating) and for it to be crowded and loud. But, on “regular” days and at lunch we have just walked in many times. As noted above, they do not take reservations. Since your brother & son would both love it, I’d go here (unless there’s a big game that night).

As a backup, I’d suggest getting reservations at Spoodles. We are one of the many MB families who LOVE Spoodles. We’ve never tried Flying Fish or Big River. Cape May’s seafood buffet at the Beach Club does not impress me.


I think all of the restaurants on the Boardwalk are great - Big River and ESPN would be better for kids I think.


Spoodles!!! is part of our tradition! We love it! The flatbread, the Mediterranean spreads, the margaritas! Fabulous!!! I wish I could eat there right now!


What about an entree? So many people here brag about it but the menu just doesn’t look that great to me.


Love Big River. I, too, don’t really see the fascination with Spoodles.

Flying Fish is good - espectially if you like seafood. ESPN’s too noisy for me.

The Bakery on the Boardwalk makes excellent sandwiches for a quick bite - there are tables outside - as well as Spoodles Pizza Window - their pizza is pretty good.


I feel the same way. I have never even bothered to go there cause the menu seems limited and just “blah” to me…picky eater’s opinion…:laugh:


I feel like I am missing something great by never going but the menu just doesn’t look good. I even tried to get my DH to pick it by printing a Spoodles menu along with a Big River Grille menu and he looked at the Spoodles menu for the longest time and said he was sure he could find something to eat there but he didn’t know what it would be. Even he wasn’t impressed.


We love Spoodles as well. We like both breakfast and dinner. I was a bit unsure about the menu, but everything is very good. The service has always been very good too.

There are great dining choices around the Boardwalk!

As we always say - your mileage may vary.

In all seriousness, we’ve never had a bad meal at WDW. Some are more memorable, some tastier, some have wonderful service (Marrakesh). We’ve eaten at places where we won’t go back (we’ll try something new), but never a truly bad meal.


The oak-fired steak kabobs, rigatoni, lemon-garlic shrimp linguine…those are my favorite entrees!!

For appetizers, the garlic shrimp are HUGE and delicious. My DS’s favorite is the calamari. DH doesn’t care as long as we get plenty of the complimentary bread and olive oil dipping sauce!!

And, when I"m not preggo, I :heart: a Mocha Slide and - of course - the famous Spoodle-Rita!


I agree. Sorry Cavey, but my visit wasn’t the be all end all culinary delight, but that’s OK too.


You know, I liked Spoodles, and it was great for my kids (they loved watching the kitchen), but it would not be my choice on date night (that would be Flying Fish – love that place, but not great for kids). I also like ESPN, but as everyone else has noted, it is LOUD. But it has really good desserts. Not a big fan of Big River (I am a big fan of ADRs, and when I was there no ADRs at that place).

I actually love Cape May, and think the walk over to Beach Club is just gorgeous!


I know. I have been going back and forth on that one. I just cannot get excited about that menu. So, we’re not going there this time around:closedeye