Boardwalk Standard View


I have read in a couple of places that getting a Standard View at the BWV is virtually impossible if you are not an owner at BWV booking at 11 months out. Is that really true? Has anyone been able to book Standard View owning elsewhere?


Tried booking BWV and had to settle for #2 at VWL. Not that I am complaining. Love both. we were just under 7 months and could not get 1 of the 5 nights, so we took VWL. Did not want to deal w/ the wait list game since it was a Saturday night we needed.


Do you mind if I ask what dates you were looking for?


For our March trip we were completely open about where we would stay so I just called at the 7 month mark and asked what studios were available. Just about everything was available, which suprised me, including a standard view at BWV. I think it really all depends on when you are looking to travel. I would really like to stay in a Boardwalk view room, but that has never been available for any of our trips.


I wanted to try the BWV’s but since that is not my home resort and it cost more points, I think I am going to stick with AKKV. Unless I want to go for just a night or two with DH or a few girlfriends, because normally I am going to want to go in a big group and that means a few rooms and I can’t afford not to get the right amount of accomodations. The last trip we took 13, next one is 25 ppl. DH was actually considering buying more points to accommodate!!!


The standard view does book quickly because of the low point cost. It’s not impossible to get at 7 months but from what I’ve read you’ll be very lucky if it’s available.


Thanks everyone!


The only time we’ve ever stayed at BWV was in a Standard View Studio in August '06 (I think it was '06? :huh:) We actually had called to book our trip only about 5-6 months in advance & the standard view wasn’t available so we took a room at SSR & waitlisted a SV Studio at BWV. Believe it or not, the waitlist actually came through & we stayed there for 7 nights.

From what I understand they do have a very little number of Standard Views available but I don’t think it’s impossible to get. Especially considering the recent popularity of BLT & AKV.


4-9 March 2010


Mid to late Sept 08. for 10 nights. That was the beginning of the downturn and WDW was soooo empty. A CM had heard us mentioning how empty the parks is and they said “yeah, booking were way down and they evened cutback on the food and wine stuff”. We did book at seven months, so I don’t know if it was the economy or if we were lucky.


I recently called at 11 months to get a BWV standard view. I was on the phone at 8:59, hitting the redial button to get in quickly, and I maybe had a CM on the line about a minute past nine. I asked for a BWV standard, and she said she had only preferred views, so I took it. then, about halfway through the conversation, she said that a standard view had opened and if we acted fast, I could nab it. We switched mid-ressie and I got the rare standard view room.
Incredible that I was struggling to get the right room at my own home resort that far in advance, but it was for a very busy time of year. And there apparently were plenty of preferred and Boardwalk views available to book that morning, if you feel like splurging.


Thanks for the tip, Miss Disney. Standard View was not available for the dates I needed. We ended up with split stay paying cash at Boardwalk Inn for two nights and 2 nights at AKL in a Savanna view studio on points.


With more and more DVC units opening it SEEMS that some of the first choices are changing.

One thing that I have noticed it that the least expensive viewe and the most expensive views book first.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1015391]With more and more DVC units opening it SEEMS that some of the first choices are changing.

One thing that I have noticed it that the least expensive viewe and the most expensive views book first.[/QUOTE]

I have also noticed that SSR and Kidani used to move fairly slowly, but now they seem to be picking up speed! I am really happy about that, because they are both wonderful underrated resorts.


A few things about the BWV standard views… some of them actually give you a peek at a bit of fireworks (when Sorcery In the Sky was showing, we had a standard view rooms with a view of the pond, the waterway AND fabulous fireworks right outside our balcony every night!), and a ton of them are seriously close to the bus stop. And a lot of them have a gorgeous view of a pond, tennis courts and the waterway. There’s a lot to love about the standards there.


Well, we own at BLT, and were originally booked there for our upcoming may trip.

We called three weeks ago, and were able to get a standard 1BR at BWV.
They did not have studios available though.

Hope that helps!!