Boardwalk suggestions


Ok – so we have been to WDW many times and have never ventured over to the boardwalk, ever! This is on our list of “to do’s” this trip. Is there anything we shouldn’t miss over there? Suggestions?


We try to go there for the Boardwalk entertainment. We have been to Kouzinas(Cat Cora’s restauraunt) a few times and LOVE it. Just the atmosphere alone, is wonderful.


We left Epcot and walked to Beaches and Cream for ice cream last summer. It was crowded but worth the walk and wait.


We like to head over to the Boardwalk from Hollywood Studios in the afternoon for a break from the parks and uncrowded lunch at Big River Grille (doesn’t take reservations).

I’ve yet to rent a surrey bike, but everytime I’m on the Boardwalk and see them, I say, “One day, I want to rent a surrey bike.” :laugh:

If you like sports, ESPN Club is a fun experience. They also don’t take reservations which I like because it makes it a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing. With ESPN Club, they don’t have buzzers (or didn’t still as of October), but you can have one person from your party stay there (plenty of TVs are outside for entertainment) and others can explore the Boardwalk until your name is called, then you can just phone them (I think that’s what I like about the Boardwalk and the no-reservation-taking restaurants. It isn’t that huge strict shuffle - “Must have all members of your party before being seated, don’t leave the premises” deal). It’s a huge restaurant, so if it’s an odd time or there isn’t a game on, you’ll be seated quickly.

Beaches & Cream is at the Beach Club Resort which is across from the Boardwalk. The food there is really good, but it’s a small restaurant that’s very popular. We had good luck beating the lunch rush by arriving there at 11 AM. Your best bet for being seated quickly is to arrive at an odd time, otherwise you could be waiting over an hour (but they do have buzzers so you can wander the resort).


The Boardwalk is rather quiet during the day - so that makes a nice break from the heat and the crowds. They have good sandwiches in the Bakery and it’s fun to look around the candy store and get ice cream. Boardwalk Resort is beautiful, so the lobby is worth a look and you can relax in a rocking chair on the veranda and watch WDW go by. It doesn’t really come awake until evening, when there are jugglers, fire eaters, magicians, all along the boardwalk. I’ve never been to Jellyrolls, so I can’t advise on it - but it sounds like fun.


I would recommend Big River Grille and Brewing Works. Food and service were very good.


In the evening, there are street performers (magicians, jugglers, etc.) and the food carts are cranking out treats, and the atmosphere is lively! It’s our favorite time to stroll around.


Awesome we love street performers!! Night time it’ll be!! Thanks


Kitchen Sink at Beach Club is a must. Big River is good, so is ESPN.


Spend the 25 bucks and get the kitchen sink and just enjoy. Plus in the evening the rope magician is pretty entertaining on the boardwalk.


Food: Big River Grille. Great food, great beer if you like local brews, family friendly.
Entertainment: Call the Boardwalk resort front desk to ensure there will be performers that night. In all of our trips we have only been hit without entertainment twice that was not weather related, but it happens. Last trip there were 4 different performers and we had a blast. And DD made me win her and her friend a stuffed toy for both girls at one of the game locations. 23 y/o and she still had to have dad win her a stuffy. :laugh:
Jellyrolls: Dueling piano bar. Get there early to get a seat. I believe it is still $10.00 to get in. We have never brought our kids, but I would check to see if there is an age cutoff. Not that I have ever seen a need for one. Great fun.
Surry bike rental: by the Boardwalk resort. Take a nice ride around the lake.
Walk around the lake: Lobby hop and get a treat or drink at each stop. 5 in all.
Boardwalk Bakery: Get there before they close. Well worth it and the baked goods make for a great breakfast the next morning for everyone. I like to eat mine the next day with a large cup of coffee by the pool.

Remember about transportation. It can be rough getting from the BW to another resort late at night. If you are not TiW card holder’s it is still worth it to pay the $15.00 for concierge parking at the BW. There is a lot across the street, but it is a very long walk late at night, especially if it is raining. Or use WDW trans to get there which is easy during the day and early evening, and take a taxi back to your resort.


I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is over Beaches and Cream.
They don’t have much more than the usual selection of 5 or 6 Edy’s flavors and nothing really extraordinary beyond their version of the kitchen sink sundae and the food menu isn’t anything beyond normal fare for a coffee shop/ice cream parlour. Certainly far less than your average Friendly’s.

That’s my opinion and you can do with it what you will.

One other thing. If you’re interested in renting a boat, head for Seven Seas Lagoon/Bay Lake and one of the monorail resorts’ marinas or WL’s marina. Crescent Lake is very crowded, very confined, and loaded with no wake zones. It may be interesting for about a minute to float your Sea Raycer up to the entry of DHS, but it soon wears off as you dodge Friendships. Plus, don’t even think of entering World Showcase Lagoon!!


We loved the Boardwalk Inn. The views were amazing any way we looked. I would definitely stay there again. Not sure I could get my wife to since our daughter fainted in the 2,000 degree heat there, but we loved the resort.

Beaches and Cream? I could take it or leave it. Nothing special. The hoopla around the Kitchen Sink is fun, but like Soundgod said, the ice cream is standard fare.

We really did like Kouzzina, but just because it is very different. We had the olive oil tasting board, and the meals were great. Beautiful interior, sort of like a fancier Olive Garden.

I would agree with just about every one else, hit Big River. Great beer and it is a fun place too.


I don’t go to Beaches & Cream for the ice cream. I go for the food. The grilled cheese sandwich and tomato bisque is amazing. Like it’s the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had.


I guess I’m just old or boring, but I cannot imagine ordering or even enjoying The Kitchen Sink - it sounds awful to me.:pinch: I do like the ice cream in the Candy Store on the Boardwalk.


Budget - Beaches and Cream for the Kitchen Sink

Splurge - Seafood at Flying Fish or Steak at the Yachtsman

Character Event - Breakfast at Cape May

Free - Just walk and enjoy, but dont be in a hurry


I love reading all the suggestions here. Thanks for asking this question. John and I have dinner at Cape May one night and I think we may head over to Boardwalk for some fun.


+1, I have to admit it was a very good grilled cheese and soup. We don’t make a special trip to hit B&C, but when we stay at one of the EPCOT resorts we always end up there at least once or twice.



Someone suggested Jellyrolls—it used to be 21 and up so I went to look on the website. It still is 21 and up. I remember when we wanted to go into Jellyrolls and the Atlantic Dance hall and couldn’t with DD…

Just thought I would mention the age rule…


[QUOTE=smallworld;1126046]Someone suggested Jellyrolls—it used to be 21 and up so I went to look on the website. It still is 21 and up. I remember when we wanted to go into Jellyrolls and the Atlantic Dance hall and couldn’t with DD…

Just thought I would mention the age rule…[/QUOTE]

Thanks for filling that bit of info in. We never thought of taking the kids when they were young.