Boardwalk Villas, Old Key West, etc


Our company is planning a retreat in early Feb. 07 to Orlando. Can anyone tell me if the vacation villas have restaurants, lounges/bars, etc. on property? We’d like to remain on the hotel/villa property should we decide to have a cocktail or two and dinner.
Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.


If you go to Boardwalk Villas or Beach Club Villas, you will have PLENTY of on-site restaurants to choose from. There are several restaurants inside the Beach Club/Yacht Club buildings. and the Boardwalk has TONS of great places to eat. You can walk all the way around the lagoon and hit all the restaurants. I don;t know about the others, but at these two properties, finding a nice place to feed a crowd is NEVER a problem!


if Saratoga Springs Resort is included, yes they do have a lounge specifically for that purpose. Drinks included.


For a company retreat I would have to say boardwalk. They have a very nice variety of restaurants and bars there. It is its own little entertainment district with sports bars to fancy restaurants.
If its just simple food and drinks Big river grille is very good for some microbrew and sandwhiches. Also EPSN Club is there, your typical sportsbar with typical sportsbar food and brew.
Jellyrolls is a fun dueling piano bar, VERY FUN!!! PLus a nice place to get a drink and the piano guys are great.


I’d also go for Boardwalk for the amount of restaurants and entertainment - to say nothing of Epcot just steps away. Saratoga Springs would be a good choice, being within walking distance of DTD. OKW - not so much. It’s pretty secluded (and we like it that way :wink: ) but other than Olivia’s and the Gurgling Suitcase for a poolside drink, there really isn’t anything else-entertainment-wise.


Vote for Boardwalk Villas or Beach Club Villas. There’s plenty of options within walking distance. Plus, Epcot is a short walk, MGM a little longer, which is perfect for getting away from any meetings for a quick park break. Also, the deluxe resorts will be able to handle more of your company’s meeting needs than Old Key West or Saratoga Springs.


I also say go with boarwalk or beach club villas. The possibilities for entertainment are endless. you also woudln’t do to bad at OKW or SS. They have boat access to DTD and PI. Plenty to do there too.