BoardWalk Villas Room Request


We need to make a room request for a Standard View Studio at BoardWalk Villas next week. Anyone have any recommendations?? I heard we want to be close to the elevators, anything more specific?? We’ll have 13 yo twins w/us too so we’re not into the nightlife on the Boardwalk…actually we’ll probably be in the parks until the weeee hours of the morning. :whistling So we’ll want it to be quiet enough to sleep well whenever we make it back to our room but still have a good view or good access to pools, etc. I know…we want it all, right!!! :blush: Thanks for your help!


I have NO CLUE what room to request, but I just want to tell you to have a great time on your trip in 6 days! :biggrin:


Thanks!! We’ve been busy trying on “summer” clothes & then out shopping today. Hopefully we’ll have 95% of our bags packed tomorrow and have everything in the front room Wednesday night ready to load in the Suburban Thursday night or Friday morning so we’ll be ready to leave as soon as the kids are out of school or DH gets off work…I’m hoping he’ll get off early and can pick them up on his way home and then we’ll be on the road! I can’t believe it’s already time to go!!!


I’m not much help with room suggestions, mostly because we stayed on the hotel side.
But seeing you’re coming in 6 days it’s my duty to warn you about just packing summer clothes. The state of Florida got blasted by a cold front overnight. Temps in South Florida overnight are dropping down to 48 and Orlando of course is even colder and will bottom around 40 and yesterday it was in the mid to hi 70s in Orlando.
It will warm back up, I’m just warning you that it is March and weather can drastically change from day to day.


sigh I lovve this weather…but I am curious as to what the OP thinks of BWV…I am reserve it for next January’s trip


I’d just suggest you make ASAP. The standard rooms go first. They overlook the front of the Boardwalk - but are quite a distance from the front doors, so they’re very quiet. Actually, the view is of lawns and in the distance are the parking lots, but it’s really quite nice. There’s not many and there’s not much of a choice. They are quite a walk from the lobby - but that’s why they’re the standards.


They do go fast. I tried to book one for our August trip right at the window for DVC non-home resort booking, and they were already out of standard studios. I think we had to settle for a garden view. A few more points, but I hope it’s not too close to the nightlife excitement and noise.


I have a pool/garden room for next month.Is there a difference between them other than the obvious?


There is no difference in the suites’ decor. The only difference is location.


We have a Standard booked…we booked right at our 7 month window because I knew how hard it was to get one, I’m just looking to see if one location of the standards are better than others…sounds like they’re all about the same–far from the front, which probably means far from the elevators too!!!

Glad to hear that even though they’re standard, the view is still nice. Thanks!


Thanks Soundgod! Sounds like FL is alot like TX right now. Last week when I looked at the 15 day forecast it was showing warmer weather, I was just going to throw in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, maybe I’ll add a couple more of each. Years past, we’ve always lucked out with beautiful, warm FL weather over spring break…but we’ll pack so we’re prepared for anything!


Can’t help either but just want to say have a magical trip!


Thank you!


Honestly, I would be happy in the last room down the hall overlooking the parking lot. I just want to be there so badly!!!


I think all the standards are in one wing. How close you are to the elevators is, I guess, luck of the draw.


We’ll just cross our fingers and hope for the best! We’ll let you know how it works out!!