BoardWalk Villas


Hey we are staying at BoardWalk for the first time… via the rental of DVC points… any suggestions for the best room request???


Ask for something close to the elevators. The walk to your room can be VERY long, we stayed there this past summer and the first room we got was the very last room in the hallway. I think we were closer to MGM than BW. We asked to be moved and got a room with a view of the main pool and it was perfect.


Ron… ditto!
We were offered a room by the elevator by a lovely CM, and we declined, thinking that we’d like to be far away like in a regular hotel! Wrong move!!! The walk with the little ones was really long, especially at the end of the day. It was, though, pretty funny in the mornming, to see their little legs running full-tilt down that long hallway while they laughed out loud like crazy little maniacs! We probably woke up everyone on our floor!

We had the last room on the top floor, and we had an incredible view of the tennis courts. Plus, we could see the MGM fireworks (this was pre-Fantasmic) each and every night from our balcony! It turned out to be the highlight of our evenings, to have a glass of wine and watch the show in our pjs, after the kids were tucked in!


You may think that balcony on the boardwalk is what you want, but in reality, those balconies offer very little, if any privacy to the guests in that room. You’re right out there, in full view of the world.


I do agree, we had a 1st floor balcony room, but what it lacked in privacy, it totally made up for in a spectacular view of fireworks every night.

We also had the last room down that long never ending hallway, if anything I would request a room near an elevator.


YES, ASK FOR A ROOM NEAR THE ELEVATORS/LOBBY!! Let me tell you, those hallways go on FOREVER, all look the same, and coming from someone with a great sense of direction you’ll REALLY appreciate a location close to the common areas.

Otherwise, I loved our room at the BWVs, we did request a “close” room and they honored that request… which rocked!

Have fun!


haha, my goal in life is to be in full view of the world!! :laugh:

“Helloooo world, come share some wine on my balcony!” :wub: :happy:


Hey… Should I ask for a room near an Elevator??? :slight_smile:

Sorry couldn’t resist! Thanks for all the tips!


Top floor:
View of the lagoon.

Suck it up and walk from the elevator, you big baby.


Careful…some people might like that fact.:laugh: :laugh:


The halls are very long (Stephen King’s the Shining, Anyone?) but being to close to the elevator may be busy and loud from people coming back & forth.


Re: full view of you on your balcony

And there are other times that people might like a little privacy, especially now that smoking is banned on your balconies in WDW.
I’m just saying, that’s all.
To each his own.


We prefer to overlook the boardwalk. I’m a people watcher and I like to sit out on the balcony and watch what’s going on. As for privacy, we just close the curtains when we don’t want anyone to see in, and we’ve never had an issue with noise from the boardwalk when the doors are closed.


Ron, I am sure you will love ANY room you get!!! :happy: