Boardwalk Villas


I just got this list from the Timeshare Store

Boardwalk Villas Membership expires 2042 - Annual Dues $5.46 per point

150 points. August use year. 119 points coming on 8/1/11 and 150 points coming on
8/1/12. Closing Cost=$450 Priced at $71/pt ($10650) Ref# BW150-08-1105-je

150 points. October use year. 86 points currently available and 150 points coming on
10/1/11. Closing Costs=$450 Priced at $69/pt ($10350) Ref# BW150-10-0107-rm

150 points. October use year. 151 points currently available (124 + 27 banked points
from 2009, banked points need to be used by 10/1/11) and 150 points coming on
10/1/11. Closing Costs=$450 Priced at $70/pt ($10500) Ref# BW150-10-0107-1-rm

175 points. September use year. 129 points currently available (116 + 13 borrowed
points from 2011, borrowed points need to be used by 9/1/11 and 162 points coming
on 9/1/11. Closing Costs=$475 Priced at $71/pt ($12425) Ref# BW175-09-0105-rm

220 points. October use year. 190 banked points currently available, which need to be
used by 10/1/11, 408 points coming on 10/1/11 (220 + 188 banked points from 2010,
banked points need to be used by 10/1/12) and 220 points coming on 10/1/12. Closing
Costs=$500 Priced at $66/pt ($14520) Ref# BW220-10-0107-js

I want it, I want it :pinch:


Based on the # of forclosed contracts here in Beaufort County for the HH resort, I am sure many others are trying to sell theirs at a reasonable price before they face the same future. Better to sell than have a bad mark on the credit history.

We were averaging 4 a month until the last 2 months. No units went up for bank sale at the 3 Jan 2011 sale and no units aer posted for the next sale on 7 Feb 2011. But we have 19 more days in the month to get them posted.


I want it too! Dopey, if you suddenly come into a bunch of money will you buy one for me too?


If only my #'s had come up on last weeks Mega Millions drawing.


Well, I tried for that Mega Millions jackpot the other day but this older gent in Oregon or out there in the west won it along with someone else in Idaho :pinch:
I told that guy at the gas station that I wanted to buy ONLY the winning ticket and he said the one I had was it. Liar.:pirate:
I suppose I could swing a DVC for my closest MB friends


I like the sound of that!


So instead of robbing banks on scooters while wearing a tutu to buy the 8 million house, we are just going to chip in for some DVC points?

This morning I was thinking “hmmm how many points would we need to get thru 6 weeks of winter”. I’ve decided I would do one week 1 bedroom, 1 week studio, 1 week 1 bedroom etc. That way, we get a major food delivery, eat in the room, do laundry, enjoy the space. The following week, finish up what ever food is left, eat some meals out, do as little laundry as possible. Repeat two more times. So I’m thinking about 1000 points would cover it. Now I only need 700more to complete my plan.


Those are great prices for buyers. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but it looks like this is a good time to buy in.


I knowwwww, DH is actually asking questions. Could I dare hope and dream?


Questions are good!! Have you taken him on a DVC tour with a guide?


:angry:I go on the DVC for Resale site quite often. I have actually worked up the exact amount of points we would need. DH just won’t give in


What is wrong with those guys? Or is it - what’s wrong with us that we can’t talk them into this thing?


do you know what you just said there? :laugh: