Boardwalk Villas


We are considering renting points again this year and want to try a new resort. We have stayed at OKW, SSR, AKL. We were thinking about Boardwalk Villas, but it looks a little run down to me!! Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. The pool is also important to us!! :laugh: Thanks!!


If it is a great pool you want then go with the Beach Club or Yacht Club for Stormalong Bay. I haven’t stayed at BWV in years so no help here.


We were just there last week! Personally we loved BWV. There are a couple of advantages to staying there and the main one is that we were there for a couple of days before we ever got on a Disney bus. DHS is a short walk in one direction and Epcot is a short walk in the other direction. It is fun to stay right on the boardwalk - noise was not an issue for us. Another advantage is that the pullout beds at BWV are extremely comfortable. The pool area is fun for kids and the hot tubs are nice for the adults! Personally we liked BWV better than SSR.