Can’t wait! We are going to Disney World on the 13th:mickey: For the first time, we will be stay at the Boardwalk. Never have stayed there before. We are staying there because my son is one of the floor managers at that resort. Can’t wait to see him. Then we will have to visit the MK to see my other son who works at Pecos Bills:tongue:


Wow! That will be an awesome trip, and you must be so proud of them! Have fun and take lots of pictures:mickey:


Boardwalk is so gorgeous! We stay in the DVC part - but I’m sure the Inn rooms are beautiful. It’s just such a lovely resort - take some time to sit in a rocking chair on the front veranda and just watch the world go by. Have fun! (what a great son you have!)


Two sons working for WDW? That is to cool! Enjoy your stay at the BW!!


Oh man…you TWO inside lines at WDW?? Very cool!