Boardwalk/Beach Club Villas


Who has stayed at Boardwalk Villas or Beach Club Villas? Can you tell me the pros and cons of one or both of these resorts?


I’ve stayed at both and both are very nice. You can’t beat the location, being able to walk to Epcot is great and such a time saver. We like Beach Club a little better than BW but that’s a personal choice, it just fits our family. We love the pool, it’s the best one on property.

I think the only con of BWV is the long walk you may have if you are at the end of the long hallway. Some may like that location but we didn’t and the front desk wasn’t very happy about moving us.


We enjoy BCV. It’s our DVC home resort. We enjoy the location, atmosphere, pool area and restaurants. I frankly think too that the CM’s are some of the best around. Just my opinion. However, we’ve never stayed at BWV so I can’t give you a comparison. My comparison is with the other resorts we have stayed at.


Just like mickeyspal, I’ve stayed at BCV, but not BWV. Frankly, you can’t go wrong by either one.


-You can walk to Epcot and take a boat ride to Hollywood Studios(you can walk to HS, but it’s a LONG one!)

-There’s a VERY BIG gift shop a BCV with clothing, toys, food, and a little cafe with coffee and ice cream.

-The pool there is AMAZING! It is the biggest and best pool on property. It has many sections for different age groups. There is a slide that floats above a walkway from the beach to the pool. You can rent tubes to float in the pools, and the pool is a sand bottom pool!! It feels great on the feet.:smile:

-Beaches N Cream is great for ice cream after a long day at the parks. They serve different varieties of ice cream, floats, and they serve burgers and sandwiches.

-The rooms are beautiful!


I really cannot think of any cons except for these:

-Beaches N Cream can get very crowded because it’s very small. If you can, use the take out and eat by the pool.

PROS: Can’t give a lot because I’ve never stayed here.

-Tons of shops and restaurants to choose from with some games.

-On the boardwalk, there is a HUGE gift shop with a lot of gifts to choose from.


-The gift shop in the hotel is very very small. I guess that’s why there’s a giant one on the bw.

-The pool is a disappointment compared to BCV. But there is a clown slide.

**For the shops, restaurants and games on the bw is open to both resorts, so you really can stay at BCV and get the best from both resorts.

Hope this helps!!!
Have fun!!


It’s really hard to choose between the two.

It seems to me that Boardwalk suites are a bit larger - and I like the decor better. Other than the HALL OF DOOM, the views are nicer at the Boardwalk. But, on the other hand, BCV has Stormalong Bay and if you have kids that love to swim - it can’t be beat. Personally, because swimming isn’t important to us, I think maybe Boardwalk would be my first choice - but I’d stay at either in a flash!


What is up with this???

You can’t be any of the Epcot resorts based on location alone. You can walk to two of the parks.

We are partial to the BCV as it is our home resort. You can’t beat the pool. Otherwise, I think the resorts share equally in the amenities: location, Boardwalk attractions, dining options (both locally and the proximity to Epcot), and access to transportation (we like to walk to Epcot and take the Monorail to MK!).


Location, location, location.
The level of service at all 5 Crescent Lake resorts is on par to one another.
The edge would go to Yacht/Beach because of their pool/mini waterpark.
Boardwalk however is the shortest walk to The Studios, but a bit farther to Epcot than Beach.