Boat rental at carribean beach resort


We will be at the carribean beach resort in March 2010. I have seen the age requirements for the speed racer boats in two different places that have two different age requirements. . .can anyone confirm the age requirement to go alone on the boats? I have two boys (12 and 15). Thanks!


Best thing to do is call 407-wdw-play and they can help get the actual answer.


I don’t know how good an idea boating at CBR is.
The waters you have access to are confined.
If you really want to be able to open it up and speed (well as much as you can with 10 horsepower), the best boating in WDW is on Bay Lake/Seven Seas Lagoon which means going to the marinas at any of the 3 monorail resorts, Wilderness Lodge, or Fort Wilderness.

After searching a bit, I could only find postings like this:
Motorboat captains must be at least 12 years old and 5’ tall (for Sea Raycers) or 18 years old (for canopy and pontoon boats). Surrey bicycle drivers must be 18 years old.


thank you!


I agree with Soundgod because you have Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake to play around in.We rented for 90 min and didn’t want to come in when our time was up. We had way too much fun.Hope this helps. Enjoy.


I was thinking it was something the boys could do on their own. Its not easy getting from one resort to another at Disney! but, if they are allowed to rent without an adult, then i can send them on their way over to the polynesian.