Boat rental


We plan to rent Sea Racers on our trip. Which boat rental is the best for exploring interesting sights. I know we can not get out of the boat…



Anyplace on Seven Seas Lagoon or Bay Lake. That is, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness, Contemporary, Poly, or Grand Floridian.
The Yacht Club marina gives you access to Crescent Lake (Boardwalk to Studios front gate area) but the water is kind of cramped, especially with Friendship traffic and the no wake zones under all the bridges.


We have rented them at both locations. We like Seve Seas Lagoon the best. You can go more places, and more things to see. They are a lot of fun. If you have an AP, you can get a discount. I think they also have a discount for AAA. Be sure to ask.


Definitely any of the Seven Seas Lagoon or Bay Lake marinas. If you are only going go for 30 minutes then Seven Seas marinas. You get a different perspective of the Magic Kingdom from the water. If you are going for an hour then any marina is fine. You can use the water bridge to get between Bay Lake and Seven seas. It takes about an hour to go by each of the resorts and campground.

Also bring a camera for some unique pictures.


We stayed at the Grand Floridian in August and my dad and sister rented one, they had soo much fun. There’s a lot of space there and lots of things to see.


We usually rent ours from the Grand Floridian or the Polynesian…having both Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake at your disposal is great! Much more space to zip around than at any of the other locations! :heart:


I have yet to do the sea racers. It’s always on my list of things to do though. Do you really need to reserve them ahead of time, or can you just show up?


I don’t think you can reserve Sea Raycers. There’s usually enough at any marina to accommodate everyone. Sometimes, thought, you might have to wait an extra 15 minutes for someone to come back, but that’s rare.


This thread couldn’t be more timely. We have a Sea Raycer voucher for this weekend. So, I’m sending the girls to get mani/pedi’s at the spa and DS and I are going out on the lagoon.

He’s only 15. Will they let him out on his own boat? Or will we need to share one?


Bad luck Matt, No unaccompanied drivers under 18. That’s how I’m reading this, but I believe 16 is the age for unaccompanied drivers.

Sea Raycers – small craft that can speed up to 22 mph. Minimum age is 12, height requirement is 5 feet. Combined maximum weight limit for all passengers is 320 pounds. All drivers under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or legal guardian sign a release. Drivers 18 years of age must provide ID with birth date. $24 per 1/2 hour.

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