Boat/Ferry transport from POR


Does any have info on the Boat/Ferry from POR to Downtown Disney? I’d like to know how late it runs? Is this an option back to POR late in the evening? We’re looking at August 13-20th.


We used it often last May during our stay at POR - it runs until about an hour after DTD closes I think. (I’m not sure if it stays open as late as West Side, though…)


It runs from 10 am in the morning until 11:30 at night. Once every 30 mins until 4PM then every 20 mins from 4 Pm to 11:30 PM. That the last trip down to DTD. The last boat to come back to POR or POFQ is around 11:50 PM. After that you will have to get the bus back to there over by Planet Hollywood. By the way if the weather has lighting in it the boats don’t run or if the water is to high on the river they also don’t run.


Does the boat go directly to DTD?


If there are people, and space available on the launch, they might stop at POFQ to pick people up. Otherwise…it’s direct.


ok, that answers my question. we are actually planning on staying at POFQ.


This is exactly what I was looking for, I knew someone out there would have the answer. Truth is we never been able to keep going much beyond 11PM so this should work out well for us. I still have hope I’ll make it to the clubs a drink & dancing at least once! Thanks.


The boat ran until 11pm while I was there. After 11pm, you had to take the bus from DTD back to PO and that ran until after PI was closed. I was there in October if that helps. I am not sure if the boat times vary with season.


We took the boat 3 times while we were there. Twice from POFQ over to DTD (they drop you off right by the rainforest cafe) and then once back from DTD to POFQ. I think that longest that we waited was about 5 mins tops. Its really a neat way to go and its about a 15-20 min boat road. I thought it was kewl cause you get to see the old disney villas (the ones that look like treehouses) along the way.


They stopped at POFQ each time we rode it from POR to DTD and also on return trips.