Boatwright's Breakfast


Since we are staying at POR during our next trip, I was thinking we could do Boatwright’s for breakfast one morning. I’ve read breakfast is much better than dinner. Do I need an ADR for breakfast, or will I be able to walk in?


:blush:We are staying at POR aswell. I do believe that Boatwrights Breakfast was discontinued back in Feb. of this year. We were also interested in it. Check into it , but I think we are out of luck on this one.


Well blah, I have a free day before df arrives and was thinking on that down day I could take the kids to breakfast. I just checked All Ears and it says it was discontinued. Poo.


Doesn’t make sense that they’d discontinue breakfast at Port Orleans’ only sit down restaurant, especially considering it serves both Riverside and French Quarter.
For what it’s worth, we ate breakfast there in 2007 and it was good. But then again, breakfast is the hardest meal to screw up.