BOB'S Website? Anyone?


I am trying to find Bob(from POR) the piano guy’s website !

We want to look at his schedule so we can hang out with him a couple times while we are there. I use to have his web address but I guess I do not have it anymore and google is not cooperating for me!!!:confused:



Found it:

Home Page Bob Jackson piano singalong comedy boogie woogie cruise ship headliner entertainer

Is Bob really worth seeing?:huh:


Speaking of favorites, last time I was in Epcot, Off Kilter had been replaced by another band. Anyone know if Off Kilter will be back?


Definitely and bring your energy drink!!


Ohhh, don’t say it is so! Can anyone confirm if they have seen Off Kilter recently?:ohmy:


He is sooo much fun for the whole family!! We definitely put at least one night aside to see him. He is a MUST do for us!!:happy: My 13 year old loves him soo much she bought his CD!!

Thanks for the web address by the way.:mickey:


oh crikey! Well I don’t know if this is recent enough or not but they were there when we went in April ( although a number of the original band members were not there ). I hope they have not disappeared for good.


We’ve seen Piano Bob lots of tiems and from what I remember his schedule is Wednesday through saturday always starting at 8:30. I imagine he might have vacations that adjust his schedule but we have seen him in almost every season.


BOB is a MUST DO for us on every trip! gcbdad is right about his schedule – wednesday through saturday nights starting about 8:30 (we always get there a little early to get a seat up close)…he does take occasional vacations, but he always posts his schedule a month at a time on his website.

YES, he’s worth the trip to POR - even if you aren’t staying there!


Wow, with all these endorsements I think we will have to check him out this time!