Body Found In Employee Parking Lot


Dead body found in Walt Disney World parking lot


I read in the Orlando Sentinel today that it was a 56 year old female cast member who had died from natural causes in her car. A very sad story and also for those who found her.


That is terrible for those that found her and for her family.


Oh wow. The headline scared me, but at least it was natural causes, even still a horrible thing, especially for those who found her.


so sad. that poor woman


This is very sad for the deceased. I feel for her family. I hope Disney finds a way to honor her.


So very sad. Her family has lost a loved one, and her coworkers have lost a member of their Disney family too.


Thank you for clearing that up. Not that I EVER want to hear about someone losing a loved one, I am glad that it wasn’t as the headline made it seem. Dead body in a parking lot makes you immediately think “someone was murdered”…or maybe it’s just me?


No, I agree with you also Dana. Typical media these days. Showing no respect to this poor woman. Just trying to make headlines.


Something negative plus WDW = many papers sold…it’s rather disgusting acutally.


I fully agree.