Body Wars


Ok, so I’m not sure if this is an embarassing/stupid question because I usually know stuff about Disney World no matter what but… I’m confused on why this pavillion was shut down and only opens seasonally.

StaceyDarling! and I have only been inside once, we did everything inside the pavillion thinking it was going to be closed very soon. It was the coolest part of Epcot that day. I’m just trying to understand why it’s open and closed and opened again. The last time I was in it was Late november Early december of 2006.

Tell me some stories/facts :blush:

(Btw I know its called the Wonders of Life Pavillion)


The big reason is that it lost its sponsorship. As the other pavillions (Space/Test Track) opened I imagine the WofL pavillion became less popular. Without a sponsor, Disney is reluctant to redo/replace the pavillion.

Since then it would open up periodically to handle the seasonal park crowds.


I have never even been in that pavillion…never. I can’t miss what I have never done. I hate that there is wasted space however and wish they would do something with it.


I agree with Dana… I have never been in it… and they really should do something with it. Epcot is awesome, but could definitely use a new attraction in there.


Yes, a big rollercoaster…there’s always room for coasters:laugh:


I too have never been in there. I would like to try it out if it is ever open when i go. But they should do something in the space that can be opened all year.


Actually, I really enjoyed it. It was worth never seeing lol. It was cute. Cranium Command was awesome!


All the attractions are gone. It’s used in May for the flower and garden show as “the building with the shows” and a small store. In the fall it’s used the same way for the food and wine festival. If you’re there for either event you should go inside and look around, there was a great wine selection last fall.
This past May there was a huge model train exhibit, besides things for the garden.


I really liked this pavillion. Cranium Command was funny and all the hands on things they used to have were very interesting. The one thing I don’t miss is BodyWars :blow: !! I wish they would do something with this space already, though. It seems like it’s been sitting there for some time.


Yes we really liked this pavillion too- and I liked Body Wars which is strange for me being such a baby about other rides!
When DD was small she had tons of fun in this place and it was sometimes difficult to get her out.
I do believe the ‘Wonders of Life’ was considered a little controversial for Disney and there was alot of debate about whether it should be there at all!!


They just need to get a new corp sponsor in there. Then they could redo it and we would all be happy!


I remember it being slightly controversial also, mostly due to the show “the making of me”. :pinch: :blush:

I remember going in there and riding Body Wars and I enjoyed that!

I agree that a new sponsor and a re-designed pavillion would be awesome!


I could bed wrong, but I am pretty sure they have permanently closed this pavillion with no intention of reopening. I feel like I read that here at MB some time ago??? Anyone? I did like it though, I thought they had some neat stuff!


I rode Body Wars looooooong time ago when I was a wee lad. But the pavilion had been closed for some time now only opening occassionally from what I understand. When I was there this past May it was open for something and I meant to walk up there and check it out but forgot. :frown:
I wish they would do something with the space as well.


Yes! that was it=The Making of Me I couldn’t think what that was called


Yeah, we were there the last day it was open (Our Dec 2006/Jan 2007 trip), and a CM said that they were having difficulty holding onto a sponsor for the pavillion.

I remember that pavillion from when I was a little kid… and that trip, when my sister and I did everything in the pavillion just to do it before it shut down. It definitely needed updating. I was never a fan of Body Wars because I’m very squeamish, as is my mother. Blood just isn’t my thing.

Yeah, I don’t like the idea of wasted space, so I hope they will redo the pavillion. Just need a good attraction proposed, and I’m sure they could pick up a sponsor. idk…


In comparison to the other pavilions, it was really lacking when it was open. It showed in the crowd levels. They really needed to add something that offered food and drinks. It was a huge place with some things that just didn’t appeal to everyone. I liked Body Wars, but, that was about it. But, I wouldn’t compare Body Wars to Soarin’, TT, UoE, Living With the Seas and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. It never had that huge hook that the other pavilions have.


They do serve sandwiches and drinks during the flower and garden (April/May) and food and wine (Sept./Oct.) festivals. It’s been used the last 2 years instead of the Odessey building.


Yeah, I was just talking about when it was a pavilion that was always open.


lol - my DH calls Body Wars “Body Barf”!

But I liked it! I never did get to try Cranium Command though…