BOG lunch?


I was looking at another forum and saw this link for FP+ BOG lunch reserved time window

Our resort is not a part of FP+ during our trip, but it let me make a reserved time slot?!? I’m afraid that we will get there and not have our name on the list since we won’t have Magic Bands. I didn’t get any sort of reserved number.

I wouldn’t worry so much about it and would just get in line, BUT we have ADRs 40 minutes prior to the time window I was allowed to select so I don’t want to miss my reservation at LTT and then have to wait at BOG when we are all starved.

Has anyone done this? Do you think they would be able to check and see if we are on the list earlier in the day?



I reserved a FP+ for BOG Lunch yesterday too but my resort is part of the FP+ testing. I have read varied reports of people having no issue getting in and others being told that their name was not on the list. If it makes you feel any better, I did not get a confirmation number either.

Could you change your LTT reservation to a time after your BOG window?