Have you seen it? Did you like it? Are you waiting for the DVD? Reviews please.


Well we all loved it. I am a sappy kind of person though, so I love anything that has an animal as the main character. It was sweet, and very entertaining. My boys, 12 & 7, loved it as well.


Glad to hear it. I am looking forward to seeing it soon. I thought it did pretty well at the box office considering it was a cartoon and had to compete with Twilight.

Thanks for your review.


Love - did you see the regular version or the 3D version? My son saw the regular version last night and liked it. We plan on going to see the 3D edition over the holiday weekend (with our It’s Tought to be a Bug 3D glasses…ssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :ph34r:)


DH and I took DS, 4, to see the 3D version last weekend. DS really liked it, although he only kept the glasses on for @ 15 minutes. He likes animals and loved the scenes where the animals beat up the “bad guys.” I thought it was a cute movie and loved Rhino the hamster, he was so funny.


I won’t tell, but I promise, they will give you another pair. Not cheesy paper ones either.


we just got back and BOLT is AWESOME!!! We LOVED IT . . . my DDs are 9 & 4. We laughed, we cried . … we mostly laughed!! Very cute movie! :wub:


I agree with the good reviews, I saw the 3D version Sunday night. Really cute, and we laughed through it. Sailor is right, Rhino the hamster makes the movie. He is tooooo funny! And we kept the 3D glasses even though they are supposed to be recycled :ph34r:…we figured we paid extra for them, haha. But yeah, the movie was good. Not quite up to like Nemo or Cars, but sweet. :happy:


We saw Bolt while in WDW last week…it was GREAT!!! We absolutely loved it.


Saw it today and loved it. My favorite line…“I’ll get my ball”.:laugh: