Boma- Breakfast or Dinner?


We really want to try some different foods on this trip and have read good things about Boma. Which do you think is better at Boma, Breakfast or Dinner?


I’d be interested in this also, since we are staying at AKL and plan on eating at Boma at least once.


The dinner there is awesome.
Breakfast would be your ordinary breakfast fare from what I remember.


We had breakfast there last Dec and they had a few(not many) Affrican things which were good, but I think dinner would be much more interesting. So I voted for dinner.


I have done both multiple times and seem to enjoy the breakfast much more. It is very much basic breakfast foods, but with some ethnic flair…not to much. I also found it to be less crowded and less loud as the very large dinner crowd that place tends to draw. Either one is a great meal, so you can’t go wrong.


I’ve done both also, but I think they’re both great.


Dinner is good, different, but good… :mickey: JOANN :flowers:


Another vote for both.
I enjoyed Breakfast there, but as they say, it IS just breakfast with a few exotic (but tasty things).
Also, not sure where you’re staying, but that’s a long way to come for Breakfast if you’re off property.
We’ve put it on our dinner schedules when we go there. Love it.


We had breakfast there on Easter, and I really enjoyed it! I think dinner there is ok, I’m not much on exotic food. I’m a meat & potatoes kind of guy.


I voted dinner as breakfast was great it only had a few things different to any other breakfast buffet!


I have not eaten breakfast there but I LLLLLLLLooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeed the dinner. It was my favorite place we ate. It was very fun to try different things and the food was so good. I am not an exotic food eater and I had no problem with the food. It was all different but not “yucky” in any way. It was very good. I loved the atmosphere and it will be a must do for any future trip.


Dinner is my favorite! It is one of our favorite places to take company for a special dining experience.


I voted for dinner,but go on Wednesday or Saturday when they have ribs on the menu.


I like both meals at Boma. Voted for dinner because there is more variety. They have african and american food (zebra domes…must have zebra domes). Sorry, I was fantasizing for a moment. Dinner definately!


We’ve done both and thoroughly enjoyed both. I have seen a copy of the rotating menu for dinner but I can’t for the life of me remember where. They serve the same food every Mon and Thurs etc. So, you may want to see if you can find this info and then see if there is one night that sounds really great to you.
I did have one small complaint about breakfast and that is the line for the made to order omelettes. It was unbelieveably long and didn’t really work as a line - more of a mosh pit.


Found it!!!


I can’t wait to try dinner there!


YUMMY!!! :biggrin:


Zebra Domes… definitely go to Dinner just for these. :wub:


We’ve eaten both meals and if I had to pick one it would be dinner. There were so many different choices and if you find something you really like ask the server for the recipe. We brought home 2 recipes for soup.