Boma for dinner


Could you all give me your impressions of Boma for dinner. I’m trying to convince my sister to take time off in August to come with me to WDW. I’ll be staying at AKV but in Jambo house…so I thought a good ploy might be to treat her to dinner there our first night next week (now if I can get an ADR that might be another thing). My sister is a somewhat picky eater. She likes Italian, Asian, and Mexican foods…I’m wondering if you all could give me an idea of the flavorings of the Boma dishes…spicey, moderate, mild… Thanks!


Looking at the types of food she likes, I expect she will be right at home at the Boma buffet.

There is a variety of spiciness and flavors at Boma. Lots of unusual dishes, especially vegetables, but also lots of familiar ones as well. There is an incredible seafood couscous dish that is very spicy and wonderful. The meats are not spicy, but have a lot of flavor. Salmon is cooked many different ways. We loved every dish except the lamb, but I neve rlike lamb so this was no surprise. There also is a range of dessert flavors – you have heard of Zebra Domes, but my favorite is teh bread pudding with vanilla sauce.

Lots of people try to go on the nights when ribs are served… hang on one sec and I will find out which nights those are… but even if you go on a different night, you will have a great meal.


There really is something for everyone @ BOMA. It really is American with an African twist. It is one of my family’s faves.


After many trips to Disney, we decided (as a group of 16) to try it last summer and everyone loved it…picky eaters and all!! We loved it so much, we went back to Boma during our Christmas trip! Give it a try!!


Loved it. Some food will be unusual for picky eaters but a big selection. As I remember they were carving prime rib when we were there and that’s pretty all-American.


No one could be pickier than my DH and he loves Boma!


Thanks everyone! It’s great to hear all the positive reviews. I figure we could have dinner there around 9pm and then go to DTD and take the boat/bus back to SSR. This way my sister will be able to check out AKL and see how amazing it is and maybe be inspired…that or she’ll kill me … at least either way we’ll have a good meal


Boma has a really good selection. We had a picky eater with us this past summer and she found things to eat there. I would definately try to go.


I really enjoyed dinner at Boma, but I LOVED breakfast there!!


Luv Boma!!! Zebra Domes…want them now!!! You’ll all love it.