Boma, Kona Cafe, or Yak & Yeti...what is good at each?


I am narrowing down the options for next Sunday night…

What is good at each restaurant?

Tell me the good, the bad and the ugly! lol


I’ve only been to Boma, so I will tell you what I like there. I think the prime rib is really good. Suprisingly I also like the carrot soup. I would never have thought that I would like carrot soup! As I said earlier I love the pasta salad and potato salad. If you are there on a Wednesday or Saturday the ribs are really great also. The dessert bar is great. The zebra dooms are a favorite of many people. My sister really liked the banana bread pudding. It was her favorite dessert of our entire stay.

Another thing to remember when booking dinner at a resort is how you will get back to your resort. After the parks close it can be tricking to get from one resort to another. We ran into this problem when we ate at Cali Grill and had to get back to OKW. If you have a car drive to another resort rather than relying on Disney transportation.



Seafood Couscous Soup
Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce
Zebra Domes



We’ve only been to breakfast at Kona Cafe - but we love it there. Great atmosphere and wonderful servers. If the dinners are as good as the breakfast - you’ll enjoy it.

We were at Yak & Yeti in February and to be honest, we really didn’t enjoy it. Just so-so.

Boma is good and has a big selection of food. There’s enough choices for everyone. And the bread pudding is terrific!


At Kona, they have a great steak with teriyaki and pineapple dish, they also have the most amazing desserts.

At Boma, there is so much to choose from. I think my favorites are the prime rib, the potatoes, and the desserts.

Don’t know about Yak & Yeti.

Keep in mind, Kona is a sit down restaurant, Boma is a buffet. I truly enjoy both places, but they are hard to compare. One of the nice things about Kona is the fact that you are at the Poly, and the monorail is right there!


Boma is awesome! We love it. I honestly thought I wouldn’t like it-I only do poultry. But I loved it and go back every year. They have such a great selection and I was so surprised that I learned to make a soup this passed year and they had it there too. Of course theirs was better! The desserts are out of this world…favorite is Zebra Domes!
Kona Cafe I have also visited every vacation. They have changed the menu a few times which keeps it interesting. I hear they have added chocolate fondue to the desserts & I can’t wait to try it. I got an asian chicken noodle thing this last visit and that was GREAT! The previous visits I don’t remember what I got besides chicken but can tell you it was always very delicious.
Yak & Yeti I too am trying to find out about. I have checked a few things out that people have said and am waiting for someone to help make my final decision but right now I’m leaning to waiting until all the kinks are worked out and more people have gone with better results. I have til Dec so let me know if you get there first.


I love staying at the Poly and I absolutely LOVE the Kona Cafe. It always ends up being our most enjoyable sit down meal. Even my 11 year old son loved it!!! It definitely is one of the places that I would make sure to eat at, for any meal!!! Can’t go wrong with the Kona!


I was generally unimpressed with the desserts at Boma.

What I loved was the couscous salad and the carrot ginger soup (when I read the recipe I learned why- anything with that much cream in it is going to be delicious!).


Boma (on Wed or Sat nights for Ribs!!) Yummy!


Oh no you’ve ruined it for me :ohmy: …In my mind I had it all worked out:
Carrots=healthy soup=generally healthy
Carrot soup=healthy and delicious!
Oh well I will just keep using my logic! :laugh:


In my opinion, everything at Boma is great. But I’ve never done the other two.


I’ve only been to Boma and we loved it. The buffet is HUGE so there literally is something there for everyone. We had an amazing Prime Rib the night we were there and there was also a soup that was good (can’t remember the name) and of course the desserts are enough reasons to go there alone! The atmosphere of Boma is nice but it is a buffet. There is a lot of commotion and people moving up and down. Out of the three I would choose Kona just based on the great reviews I’ve seen here lately. I can’t remember reading a bad one actually. We are really looking forward to going there in June.