Boma or Jiko?


I realize every body has their own opinion, but I would like input to help me decide which of these 2 to try. I’ve heard great things about Boma, but I looked @ the menu for Jiko, & it seems awesome also!! Has anybody had great meals, or not so great meals that I should know about?


If you aren’t afraid to experiment with you food, then go for Jiko. Boma seems a little safer with dining choices than Jiko…it seems more ethnic and daring. I say go for it!


I have dined at both numerous times(more at Boma),and I love both restaurants. You cannot go wrong at either one. Of course,Jiko is more expensive,but so worth it!!!


We’ve eaten breakfast at Boma a few times and keep going back. We haven’t tried dinner there yet. Next month, we’ll be having dinner at Jiko, but you’ll have to wait until late September or early October for my impressions.


My family and I love Boma. I’ve never tried Jiko, but have heard good things about it as well. If I had to choose between going back to Boma or trying Jiko, I’d go back to Boma. It’s a buffet, so you can try a little bit of everything. Plus, I love having the opportunity to interact with the wonderful AKL sous chefs and cast members.


With my DH (who is not very daring), we will be going for Boma. I have heard wonderful things about Jiko, but I agree with what Dana said about their menu…it seems a little more “ethnic”…which will frighten my DH. LOL. So I love the idea of Boma, where you can sample a little of everything! That’s a better situation for us, so I can break DH in easily. Maybe once he’s tried Boma, he will be willing to try Jiko…because I would LOVE to eat there!


I would probably choose Boma, because of the same reasons listed above. Plus, they serve RIBS a couple of nights a week and I heard they were the best on WDW property! (right Mickaholic?? :confused: )


Good Question. We were in AK last month we went to Boma. Me my wife and kids pretty much were eating the kids stuff. The food Im sure is good. but the spicy flare turned me off. We had dinner there our last night and after 9 days of the dinning plan we were sick of food in general way to much. Just be aware that the food in both have a spicy tang and if you like that let it rip. :confused:


They both sound good, thanks for the info guys. I think I might just take a chance & let my DS decide. He’s only 9 but is very daring with food.


We have eaten at both, and they are both very good. Of the 2 though, I would pick Boma, as it is more diverse menu,and you can find something to eat. Sharon is a very fussy eater, and it killed me that I paid foe her to eat macaroni & cheese and some pizza, instead of eating real food. At Jiko, she just picked at her food, again, a waste of good $$$$.


The ribs are served Wednesday and Saturday nights. That is why I won’t go to Boma on any other nights anymore. When I met up with MickeyRon and family and Cowboy Mickey and Celtia Cat(older posters when this place was still DC),I had a wonderful time talking with them,but we went on a Thursday night to Boma and in addition to not having the ribs,they didn’t have one of my favorite soups:eek: :eek: !!


I’d like to try Jiko. The menu looks intriguing. Not a fan of Boma…but I’m not a fan of buffets in general…


That’s good to know!! OK so we’ll make an ADR for either Wednesday or Saturday. Thanks!…unless my DS chooses Jiko.:happy: