Boma or Wave?


One more ADR to go for Nov. trip. Narrowing it down to Boma or Wave. Neither of which we have been to.
Any suggestions?


I have never been to The Wave but my entire family loves Boma. The food is great and lots of variety for everyone.


I have been to both and I would definetly say BOMA!!!:mickey::mickey::wink:


BOMA. The Wave was not very good. It is very noisey & the food was bland. We all (7) like Boma.


BOMA without hestitation!!! It’s soooo good!


I’ve only eaten at Boma out of the two, and of course, my vote is Boma. The food is delicious. There is such a wide variety of food, and such a large choice of tastes and spices, it’s just a wonderful place to enjoy. Afterward, take a stroll out near the savannah and view the animals.


Another vote for Boma. I was really looking forward to the Wave, but apart from the Creamy Indulgence Dessert - which was AMAZING - the whole thing was sort of disappointing. Very limited menu and average food.

Boma has such a terrific selection. Something to make everyone happy.


The Wave’s menu still hasn’t captured me, so I haven’t eaten there, yet.
On the other hand, we’ve done breakfast at Boma dozens of times and the only reason we haven’t done dinner there yet is because it’s hard to work dinner at Boma into our evening plans.
Another vote for Boma.


We are staying at AKL bc of Boma!! Love that place. Wave was mediocre at best when we ate there last year.


BOMA!! The wave has a great bar/lounge- that’s it!!


Never ate at wave but we eat at bola almost every trip and the food is amazing! Breakfast and dinner - you can’t go wrong! We have a few fussy eaters in our party and a few adventurous eaters and we all find plenty to fill our bellys with! It’s a great atmosphere to eat in and enjoy! Also if you have never explored the all before, eating at boma would be a great excuse to do just that!


I will say that it was good for us this summer. However, and I will throw in a big however, we were the last table of the night and were practically swarmed with service to get us fed and get us out of there The food was pretty good, nothing to complain about. We had Boma reservations this summer but didn’t’ make it to it, instead canceling and doing something else.

Now you guys have me wanting Boma!!! Gosh.


boma, they have amazing dinner and the zebra domes are just yummy:smile:
haven’t tried the wave.


Boma is awesome!

With that said, we are not going in September. We decided to try something new and go to the Wave! LOL.

But…Boma is awesome and we will definately go back.




We have never eaten at The Wave, but we love Boma. In fact, I didn’t realize how much until I just booked our new stay and was making dinner reservations and my husband asked when we were going to Boma? HAHA.

Gotta love those desserts!


BOMA…absolutely a must do for us every year. Cannot wait to eat there on 9/17/10 for breakfast and dinner!!!