What does everyone think of it? I enjoyed it alot.

Of course it would have been much better if they had chexmix... but thats just me

I really enjoyed Boma when we tried it a few years ago!!!

You are right though…Chexmix would be a great addition!


Boma is a must visit every trip for us! Those Zebra mousse desserts are awesome!


We haven’t been to Boma yet. I’m really looking forward to it though.


I like it a lot, even though I usually end up eating a lot of chicken fingers and prime rib!! I’d really like to try it for breakfast (hope we get to in May!).


I love Boma!!!


We are going to try it for the first time in 8 days! Yippie!!


I LOVE Boma!!! I eat there at least half a dozen times a year,always on a Wednesday or Saturday night when they have all-you-can-eat ribs.


We love Boma! The atmosphere is so cool. And the food is great too. Love those mini cheese cakes. Yummy!


I’m glad you started this Chexmix so I don’t have to start ANOTHER thread about food, lol.
It’s on my short list of places we may try on our non park day, for either breakfast or dinner, so I hope this thread gets lots of responses :happy:


I had mixed feelings about Boma. I very much enjoyed their breakfast, but just found their dinner to be ok. I am such a picky eater. I was afraid to try things that I didn’t like the looks of and it didn’t leave me many choices…lol I did enjoy every bite of what I did try though. I have to add that the people that were with me for the dinner enjoyed it very much because they were willing to try things that I wasn’t. The atsmophere of the restaurant is very cool too.


yeah pretty good


Hi chex! I liked Boma a lot, too, and my dinner companions were really great as well! I stayed away form the Zebra Domes for dessert, but I ate my weight in banana bread pudding with vanilla sauce! And I LOVED the ribs and the grapefruit salad and something called papa-and-something, and the koolslaa. MMMM. And the prime rib with Boma mustard! Great.

BUT… I really, really HATED the beef and lamb casserole dish over on the hot meats table. Ew. I had to wash my mouth out, yuck!

Did I say yuck? I meant Y-U-C-K!!!


We absolutely love Boma!!! Both at breakfast and dinner, we always have a great time, a wonderful meal and…zebra domes, must have zebra domes!!!


I’m with you…the zebra domes rock! I made a few trips to the mara to get them as a late night snack…I can still taste them…1 year later…lol


You didn’t like the babotie??That’s my favorite,right after the ribs!!!


OK its been said but I got two words, ZEBRA DOMES!!! Yay! Coconut tiramisu isn’t too shabby either.
AS far as the food it was ok but I think I went too late, same prob with me and chef mickeys. SO I will def try again, especially since DW taste has grown up so I won’t have to hear her say the food is “Yucky” again!


We Love Boma!!!


Tim liked it, but he will try anything onece. I did not like it, but I am a very fussy eater.


I liked it, but I wasn’t enamored of the zebra domes (mediocre to me) or the ribs (I make better, more flavorful ribs!). But I loved the Tunisian Couscous and the Ginger Carrot Soup.