:wub: :wub: :wub:


They’re both desserts that I can’t well describe

They WHY did you reply?!?

To say BOMA is great fun and great food and great atmosphere. Your whole group will find things to like.


I don’t know either but I loved Boma!


I can’t tell you anything about the Simba paws. But zebra domes are desserts that are created directly by God and shipped from Heaven. Just kidding. They’re a sort of an open-faced cream puff. A mocha filling that is covered by a white chocolate ganache and striped with a milk chocolate ganache in a dome shape sitting on a graham cracker crust. It’s completely decadent and wonderful!!!


What?! Just kidding?! That describes Heaven to me. After all Choclate is the fifth major food group. We are heading to Boma in June and I can’t wait!



mmm…that sounds so yummy!


Two words… BOMA ROCKS!


5 words- ALL YOU CAN EAT RIBS!!!


Why is the original post deleted??? :huh:


iluvwdw my original post was asking what zebra domes and simba paws are. sorry about the confusion.


And you have every right to ask! Please don’t be intimidated by other posters. There was no need to delete your post. We love giving our opinions! And welcome to DC!


(excuse me - one tiny thread-jack) Sorry that I couldn’t reply to your message today, pixiedust.