Is this restaurant worth a visit? I would love everyone opinions…


yes yes yes!! Boma is great!!! Great food and is worth the visit for the zebra domes and pineapple cheesecake alone!!!


Yes, Yes…triple Yes!! Go there for the first seating (4:30pm) and watch them open the restaurant. They pick kids from the crowds to play the African drums because you can’t start the meal without them. There is plenty to pick from even for the pickiest of eaters like me and my DD. Do try it!!


I had breakfast there in November and I am heading there tonight for dinner since breakfast is so good!!


Absolutely! I :heart: Boma!


Y-E-S, yes! Lots of choices, everything is very tasty.


We heard so much about Boma from co-workers and friends so we tried it. Now DH and DS are very, very picky eaters. I will try most things. We enjoyed it but it is not one on our must return list. It is definately worth a try though.

Make sure you walk around the resort either while you wait or best after dinner. You will have more time to see the animals and chat with the cm’s around the Savannah.


Boma is my number one place in WDW for breakfast. I go there every trip at least once, even though it is not always convenient to get to.

I tried it for dinner for the first time last August and it was delicious. I was worried that I wouldn’t really like it because I am super picky and like pretty plain, bland food but it was not a problem at all.

The prime rib was absolutely amazing!


Boma is worth the visit. A lot of different foods, but even picky eaters can find selections to enjoy. Have never done the breakfast there, but the dinner was very good.


I tried it a couple of years ago and found it ok. I think it is worth a try if you are wanting something different for sure. In fact, we may go back for our May trip and let my family give it a whirl. We shall see.


:happy: YES :happy:


My guys are pretty picky eaters, and they really enjoyed it. We eat there every trip. Dinner, though, haven’t tried breakfast yet.


Boma is great lot and lot of choice especially of foods that I’ve never tried before and it was all great. My DW and I try to go there every time we are in disney.


I just finished eating dinner at Boma and while I enjoyed it, I think I like breakfast better.


Like previously stated, it’s worth a try. We’ve only done breakfast and love it. DD is VERY picky and loves it as well. Do try it!


In all of our visits, we never made it to Boma until last summer. OMG!! It’s wonderful and alot of variety. We loved it so much our group went back again during our Christmas trip. YUM-MY!!


I take that it is a buffet for dinner?


Thanks everyone! We may just have to try this on our upcoming trip.


Yes, it is a buffet for both meals actually. Very different spin on the normal buffet. The food is set up in “pods” or “stations” rather than a buffet line that makes you feel like you are at a wedding…lol The food is delicious. I admitt that I use to like the breakfast more than dinner, but totally changed my opinion on that when we went back for RIB night (wednesday and saturdays) this past august…those ribs are FANTASTIC and worth the trip over there.


yes it’s a buffet :smile:

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