Bome New Years Eve Holiday Buffet


I read somewhere that the Boma does a ‘special’ breakfast only on New Years eve and was just wondering if anyone knew what the ‘holiday items’ where that they mention are avalible next to the regular buffet breakfast.


I have never had their special New Year’s breakfast but their regular breakfast is so super yummy that I imagine it would be delicious!


Their regular breakfasts are amazing, all the fresh fruits and pastries, plus the hot stuff too and fresh meats. Its amazing! I just can’t find anything that dictates the speaicl ‘holiday treats’


I haven’t seen anything about a speical meal on holidays at Boma. Your very best bet would be to call the AKL direct.


The next time I go to Boma(hopefully for the AP Nemo ride preview!!) I will make a point to ask if there is a special new Year’s Eve breakfast.