Bongos/Fire Cracker?


When we went to Disney in 89 or 90 we ate at a place in DTD that I believe is now Bongos. My Dad brought it up b/c he’s coming back with us on our next trip and wanted to go back. He said it used to have a lot of BBQ stuff. I remember it having a balcony and strings of lights that hung from the balcony and went across to the other side. Was the old place called Fire Cracker? Was it indeed where Bongo’s now is? :wacko: When did it change? :sleeping: Are there anymore anywhere near Disney or the Daytona area? Any info would help.


Are you think of the Fireworks Factory at PI?


That must be it. We’re positive it was on PI. The rest is a bit of a burr.


I think it was a BBQ restaurant owned by Levy and later became the Wildhorse Saloon and a dance club after that.


So, no luck for Dads dining pick then. He barely ever puts requests in! Poor thing! Thanks for the help.


Do loud places bother him? Whispering Canyon Cafe has good food if you like comfort BBQ type food but it’s pretty loud. Trails End at FW also has good home cooked type food and it’s a pretty laid back quiet place.


The Bongo’s restaurant building was built specifically for Bongo’s in the mid 90’s.

I’d avoid it at all costs. You can do so much better if you really need a Cuban food fix!


I remember it being built, I think it opened in the fall of '97.


awe I remember the fireworks factory it had awesome food I was upset when they got rid of it …


Hey I remember Fireworks Factory! Wow, I think that was still around for our first visit or two.

I have heard the Bongo’s food isn’t so great. But if you want to eat at PI/DTD, we love Fulton’s and Earl of Sandwich. Next trip, we will be trying Portobello!


Fireworks factory was where Motion is now.

Here is the timeline

Fireworks Factory opened when Pleasure Island opens. It was a BBQ type restaurant

Fireworks Factory tore down, Wildhorse Saloon built. Wildhorse Saloon was a combination restaurant/country bar. The restaurant was on the second floor while the country bar/dance floor was on the first floor.

The restaurant portion was eventually shutdown but the country bar continued for a bit.

Eventually the country bar portion also closed. This is where I get a little fuzzy, I think it remained closed most of the time, but would open periodically. Eventually it became Motion and is now open on a regular basis.

Bongo’s opened when the Westside opened. It has always been a cuban style restaurant, but not a very good one.


WOW! Thanks for all the info. My Dad just remembered it and thought it would be nice to revisit. We are going to Whispering Canyon Cafe. I love that place! We went this past year w/ my Mom and she said the atmosphere wasn’t as exciting as she remembered it. She went when they were making hats out of bandanas for everyone. I don’t remember what else she said was different. Oh well. BUt I think we’ll all enjoy the dining I have planned…although we can’t make ADR until June! I’m always ready! Thanks again!