Bonified Mousejunkies


It’s a beautiful spring day here in south central WI. Beautiful! DS walks out the door about an hour ago and comes right back in. “Mom, I just had a Disney moment.” I said, “Okay?”, not really knowing where this was going. He says, “It smells like Disney World out here!” I waited for more because I still wasn’t sure where this was going. He then explains that the smell and the birds chirping reminded him of walking out to the resort pool. “It’s exactly the same smell and sound!” (I wish that were true. :laugh:) That’s my boy.
Ah, yes, we are Mousejunkies and proud of it. :wub:


Don’t ya love it??? Kids are the greatest!

I too, love the smells of WDW, and I comment on it all the time when I think I smell it too… Hope he smelled it…


LOL, that is a very good boy! :mickey: :minnie:


There’s a small area in between the inner door and outer door at the mall we go to that has a Disney smell. We can’t figure it out, but boy, it sure does smell like Disney.:wub:


Southridge? I might have to check that out! :laugh: I’ll take any Disney fix I can get. Evidently Yuri will, too. :happy:


Everytime our DD sees a plane in the sky it’s always the same …“They’re going to Disney World.” It will always bring a smile to my face. She always follows it up with “They go to the airport, get on the bus and on to Disney World”.:mickey:


I have a bamboo wind chime and the sounds it makes remind me of the sound you hear when you cross the bridge by the Crystal Palace to get to Adventureland. It is almost time for me to hang it back outside.


My parents live next to an airport and whenever a plane is taking off I ask DD6 where she thinks they are going and she says ‘disney world’ without even thinking about it!


Funny you should say that, just today I was walking to get the kids from school ( beautiful day here : ) and one of my neighbors has the bamboo wind chimes and I too thought of Adventureland and said to myself that when we go I am getting me some chimes for our campsite!:laugh:


That’s one of the first sounds I listen for when in MK. Love it. :wub:

Sally, you’re right. Southridge. Sometimes they play a song that reminds of Space Mt. too.