BonnieBluEye's Week at the World


Who: Me, My parents, and my younger brother Andrew

What: Spring Break at WDW!!!

When: April 7-15, 2006

Where we stayed: The Villas at Disney’s WL

We’re back from another awesome trip to the world, even though it seems like we just left. We were at WDW the week before Easter, and it was definitely a busy place to be. All the planning I got so much help with really paid off. I wrote everything we did down in my little Cinderella notebook I bought at Downtown Disney. We weren’t able to do everything, but since we’ve seen and done a lot before, we skipped anything with a long line that we weren’t able to Fast Pass. That way, we still got to do all the things that we really wanted to. We also got to celebrate my birthday over our trip. :happy: We had such a fun time.


I started off the day with my favorite strawberry-banana smoothie from Caribou Coffee. :wub: Then it was back home to finish packing for our flight to Orlando that was leaving Minneapolis at 1:30pm. Our plane ride went pretty smooth, and we touched down in Orlando around 6’o’clock. It was so nice to feel that hot, sticky Florida air and see some green outside after a long Minnesota winter. I felt like we were on vacation as soon as we got on the shuttle to go over to the main terminal. I think those shuttles are the same ones that have been there since we first started coming to WDW and they smell like it, but hey, they’re part of being on vacation. :happy: :happy:

We picked up our rental car and drove over to the Florida Mall to have supper at the California Pizza Kitchen. Their bbq chicken pizza is the best! We wouldn’t be checking-in at the WL until the next day so we were staying at a Holiday Inn Express that night close to the mall. Mom and I would’ve liked to shop for a while at the stores, but Dad and Andrew were ready to get to the hotel. We had booked a standard room for the night, but when we got there we found out that they had actually given us a one-bedroom suite with two bathrooms! It worked out great for the four of us. Andrew and I stayed up to watch AFV before going to sleep on those big fluffy beds.


It wasn’t hard to sleep in the next morning. For some reason, we’re always really tired the day after we fly. It’s sort of like jet-lag except Florida is only an hour ahead of Minnesota. Once I did wake-up, I was too excited to go back to sleep. I pulled back those block-all-daylight curtains the have in hotel rooms to see a beautiful sunny morning complete with palm trees. We made our way downstairs to the lobby around 10am for breakfast. I had a gooey cinnamon roll and took my orange juice out to sit by the pool.

After checking-out of our hotel, we decided to shop for a while at the Premium outlet mall and head over to the WL to see if we could check-in there a little early. It wasn’t long before we were coming up the road by the Gaylord Palms and I could see the sign for WDW. As we pulled up Timberline Drive by the lodge, I felt like we were coming back to our home away from home. Walking into the lobby and staring up at that cavernous log cieling is something that I’ll never stop being amazed by. We made sure to tell the cast member when we checked-in that we would be celebrating my birthday, but I never got anything special in our room like balloons or a card. Oh well. Our room ended up being at the end of the longest hallway in the world, just like it always is.

We spent the afternoon out by the pool befor heading over to one of our favorite restaurants, Logan’s, for supper. All of us chowed down on the rolls and peanuts (you can throw the shells on the floor) before our food came. I had my fried chicken salad. It tasted even better than usual. After a run to Publix for groceries, we came back to the WL and sat out on the beach by Bay Lake. It was so peaceful just sitting under the stars drinking hot coccoa in our mugs. We got to see the water parade float by too. It’s kind of a tradition that we sit on the beach and watch it our first night.


A relaxing day by the pool. Andrew and I went swimming all morning. Some ducks came for a swim too, but I think they were eyeing our food. After the sun came out we took a walk through the woods over to Ft. Wilderness. It was so calm and peaceful away from all the people. I stopped by the barn to say hi to the horses that pull the cars on Main Street at MK. It’s funny to see them getting hosed down in the gate outside. Dad and Andrew took the boat back to WL, but Mom and I decided to take the sand path along the lake. It was very nice, and I could see the Contemporary and Space Mountain across the water. We’ll have to walk there again.

Around four in the afternoon, we drove over to Downtown Disney and ate supper at the McDonald’s. I bought a really cute t-shirt from the Disney store to wear on my birthday. It was so crowded in all the shops we didn’t stay for long. Before going back to our resort, we got coffee and a cookie at the new Coco Moka Cafe in the Virgin MegaStore (very tasty). We capped off the night with a swim in the pool before going to bed early. Our plan was to get to MK when it opened tomorrow at 7am, but I was just too excited to fall asleep! :happy:

Coming up: My Birthday! and our marathon day in the parks


Great TR so far. cant wait to hear more.


Sounds like you had lots of fun cant wait to hear more


Oh, I just saw that. I have to find some time today to sit down and read your report. I bet it will be great.


Great TR so far! When’s the next installment???


MONDAY, APRIL 10th ~ mY BiRtHdAy!!! :happy:

On my birthday we woke up bright and early (actually it was so early that it wasn’t even bright yet) :glare: to be at MK when they opened the gates right at 7am. After breakfast in our room and a few suprise birthday presents,we were the first ones on the boat waiting at the WL dock at 6:30. The boat took us across Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon just as the sky was starting to show the first signs of another sunny day. Just as we arrived at MK, the lights flicked on on Main Street and the characters pulled up in the train to welcome the few other people who were there at 7am.

As soon as the gates opened, we went to City Hall to get my birthday button and met Chip & Dale in Town Square. I laughed when they pointed at my button and each gave me a big smooch! :wub: I think my favorite part of the whole day was walking down Main Street with all the lights on and seeing hardly anybody else just as the sun was rising. It was like having the park to ourselves! Waking up early was so worth it. The first ride we went on was the Tomorrowland Speedway. (I got to choose). We hit Space Mountain next, and then walked through Fantasyland on our way to Splash. We saw the wait was short for PhilharMagic so we did that before heading over to Frontierland. Dad, Andrew, and I walked right on Splash and even had our own log. After we were all wet, we dried off on Big Thunder (again no wait - a very nice birthday present). On our way through Adventureland we went on Pirates. I was so happy that this was open in the middle of the rehab. I can’t wait to see it once they add Jack and Barbossa. It’s already one of my favorties, but that’ll make it even better.

MK was starting to get crowded, and we wanted to get over to Epcot to do Soarin’ and Test Track, so we took the monorail over there. We got to Epcot around 10am to find the place packed. The FP’s for Soarin’ were at the same time our priority seating for lunch was at so we had to wait in the stand-by line (40 min). But it was worth it, I loved it! I have been on Soarin’ at Disneyland but this was the first time I got to ride it at Epcot. That’s for sure a new favorite for all of us. We got a cinnamon roll and a couple of cookies to share before getting FP’s for Test Track for later and taking the monorail back to MK for lunch. I had gotten us a priority seating for lunch at LTT at 12:30. We liked it, but we were so full after eating. I tried the turkey sandwich, Andrew said the burger was great, and my parents split the pasta and roast beef sandwich. After our meal, our waiter brought me out a birthday cupcake with a card signed by some of the characters. I even go to blow out the candle. That was really fun. We visited Tom Sawyer’s island and took the train back to Main Street before heading back to WL for a little rest. I wished we would’ve done the Haunted Mansion before, because by 1:30 the wait was an hour long. As much as I love it, we weren’t up to that wait. All we wanted to do was manage to make it out of the insane crowds and back to our resort.

A good afternoon break was much needed. We always feel refreshed afterwords. We were all so tired I could barely make it down to fill up our mugs at the Roaring Fork. We headed out again around 4:30pm, this time back to Epcot. We used our FP’s we had gotten earlier in the morning for Test Track. It’s a good thing we had them since the FP’s were all out for both TT and Soarin’. For supper Mom and Andrew wanted Chinese so they tried the Lotus Blossom Cafe. Dad and I felt more like Mexican food, so we shared the tacos and quesadillas at the Cantina (mucho delicioso) :happy:
and watched the sun sink behind the lagoon. We made our way leisurley around World Showcase stopping in China to see the acrobats. They’re so amazing and I couldn’t believe how young they were. We also stopped to do a little shopping at some of the countries and watch the miniature train in Germany. And we got to hear the British Invasion band at the U.K. pavillion. I think Dad really liked them. We secured a good spot to watch IllumiNations near Showcase Plaza about fifteen minutes before the show started. It was a good place to watch it from because there was no smoke and it we were able to make a quick exit and avoid the crush after the show was done. The fireworks were an amazing end to an even more amazing day. I think I was wished Happy Birthday from just about everyone who saw me wearing my button. It was so fun to have it on all day long. Oh and to top it all off, I even got a CAR as a birthday present! Well, sort of. Actually, Andrew had got me a model of my dream car from the gift shop at TT. (I was sitting in the little Pontiac Solstice convertible in the show room you walk through after the ride.) He got me a model of the exact same car in my favorite color - yellow! :tongue: I think that was one of my favorite presents. lol


Bonnie -
Your report is great. I love the relaxed approach your family took to touring at Easter time. You guys did it right and had a great trip because of it. I can’t wait to hear more of your adventure.


Your trip sounds great so far! I bet coming from Minnesota to sunny Florida was REALLY nice!


Cool trip report!

I never did Disney on my Birthday.

Sounds like you really had fun.


Bonnie we share the same birthday! I didn’t get to spend my birthday at wdw! :sad:
Great report!


Great report BBE! Sounds like the perfect birthday to me! Do you have any pictures to post??


Thanks for a wonderful report! I love your family’s attitude of a relaxed way to see WDW! Can’t wait to hear more.


I love your report, but it’s making me tense! “They’re not doing enough! Too relaxed! TOO RELAXED!!!” :laugh:

How wonderful to have a WDW Birthday!


Wow! That’s so cool! Happy Birthday Missy H a few days late. :wink:

I lauged when I read that it seemed like we were doing everything so relaxed. We’ve done Disney so many times commando-style that we wanted to just take it all in as much as we could and enjoy it. But trust me, getting up at 5:30 to get over to MK was not relaxing at all! :wink: But it was still fun. We try to do as many rides as we can at the parks we go to in the morning so we can head back to our resort for a break and return in the evening when the crowds have thinned out a bit. Epcot is a great park to do at night even when it is crowded because you can just walk around world showcase and enjoy the atmosphere. We have to do MK in the morning though, it gets crazy in the afternoon. What can I say? We’re die-hard park hoppers. :tongue:

I need to find some more time to write more! Don’t worry, it’s coming…


This was fantastic to read. I love a detailed report.
I have to tell ya, I think it is great that you can be so relaxed at WDW.
We don’t get there very often, so when we do get there, I’d like to be in the parks 24/7.
I was thinking of pitching a tent out there where Injun Joe lives.


What a great report!


BBE, great TR! Can’t wait for more…Please :happy:


Sorry it’s been so long, couldn’t seem to find time to just sit down and tell you all some more about our trip. I think I might be needing another vacation pretty soon. :sad:


After our big day in the parks on Monday we were ready for another bum around day on Tuesday. One of my favorite things to do at the WL is just to sit by the quiet pool by the villas in the morning and lay out in the sun. :happy: There’s hardly any people around early and it’s so beautiful to sit under the the pine trees. It was a little cool that morning so we sat in the steaming hot tub (ahhhh). Andrew and I went over to the main pool for a while too and went swimming by where the stream flows right into the pool. We watched the geyser go off and then walked back over to the Villas pool to see that my Grandpa was sitting with my parents. That morning he had driven up from Cape Coral to come visit us for the day. He loves coming to see us, especially when we stay at the WL. After lunch we went swimming some more and visited out by the pool. Andrew thought it would be fun to go sit out on the beach for a little bit, so he and I headed out there with Dad and Grandpa. Andrew tried to burry himself in the sand, but he got bored and only managed to burry half of his legs. He still made me take a picture. I love the sand on the beach on Bay Lake. It’s so white and powder soft, and cool to dig your feet into on a hot day.

For dinner, Grandpa took us all out to eat at Olive Garden. He drove us over there in his bright-red convertible. (Good thing I remembered a hair brush.) A convertible isn’t exactly your typical old grandpa car, but he’s never been a typical old grandpa. He told our waitress at Olive Garden that we were celebrating my birthday just so they would sing and embarass me. They did, but it was funny to see the look on his face when they came out clapping and singing. We enjoyed the salad and breadsticks, and I tried the three-meat ravioli which was excellent. Andrew got this awesome chocolate mousse dessert that I had to steal a bite of.

After dinner we said good-bye to Grandpa and drove over to the town of Celebration to walk-off our big meal. It really is a cute place to walk around. I love the little shops and colorful houses, it’s so Disney! We walked around in the downtown area and around the lake. Andrew got a kick out of the sign he saw near the water that read, “Warning-It is a violation of Florida law to feed or harass alligators.” I didn’t get too close to the water after that.

Wednesday, APRIL 12th

We woke up early to take advantage of EMH over at Blizzard Beach. It opened for resort guests at 8 so we got to get a good sandy place for our chairs before a lot of other people got there. It’s a good thing we put our stuff down under a little shelter because it rained off and on for a while in the morning. It was mostly sunny though. We had a fun time riding the chairlift and taking the slides back down. When it gets crowded you sometimes have to wait a long time to get on the slides, but we got to do a lot before it got too busy around 11 or so. We all love the family raft ride (except mom who would rather sit in a lounge chair in the sun than get wet). We got to do the Tobaggan Racers (my favorite) and I found out that it’s impossible to avoid certain swimsuit problems while wearing a two-piece and going down Summit Plummit. :noo: I decided after that the wave-pool might be a more friendly option. I like the wave-pool at BB better than TL, because it’s like swimming at the beach, the waves are nice and small. No tsunamis here. I know Andrew would disagree, but I would rather bob around in an inner tube than be knocked over by a giant wave. :cool:

Mom and I had tickets for La Nouba that night, so after we changed we headed over to Downtown Disney. I was so excited to see the show. I remember posting a thread here on if Cirque was worth the price or not, and for all of you who convinced me to go for it-THANK YOU!!! We were absoulutely amazed from beginning to end. I think my mouth was wide open the entire time. I loved the act with the trapeze artists and how at the end they flung themeselves into the safety net and started doing bounces and flips. I wondered if some of the things the performers did were even possible. It kept us on the edge of our seats the entire show. I wished it would have been longer! And those two clowns were hilarious. :tongue: I would recommend seeing Cirque to anybody. The price of the ticket was well worth it. We had great seats in the upper deck so we could see all of the acts that took place above the stage. Okay I’m done raving, but c’mon, it’s so incredible.

-Coming up … Andrew and I conquer EE, twice!


A fantastic vacation indeed!
Cannot wait for the 2 EE rides


Awesome trip report. I love the way you took the time to relax on your trip, I always want to but find it hard to give up park time.