Bonus Dollars?


It seems like the bonus dollars that were every three months on different categories has stopped? Am I missing something??


They probably won’t offer it until after Christmas since they know ppl will already be using their card plently before then.

Sure wish they would offer it soon though, I need a new roof :smile:


You mean disney does the same thing like discover card??? I didn’t know that? Once we had a got 5% on these categories for the next 3 or 4 months but that was a one time thing, not ongoing.


We have another Chase card that still does this but the Disney Visa seems to have stopped. :huh:


Oppps, I thought you were talking about the 3x’s or 5x’s points on purchases during a 3 month period. My bad. Carry on. :blush:


I was. They use to name 3 or 4 categories like dining or gas and those would be 5x for the three months. They seem to have stopped that?


Ahhh. Earlier this year I bought new carpet & tile for my house, but only got 3x’s. And even then it was on purchases over $3,000. Haven’t gotten the 5x’s yet but there’s no way i’d spend over 3 grand on the things you listed each month so I don’t guess i’ll benefit when they do offer that one again.


So this was an ongoing program??? for 3 months you got 5x for gas, the next 3 months you got 5x off of hotels, etc.??? I never heard of disney doing that. I just thought they have an odd “skwak, you can get 5x for the next three months off of bubble gum” or “bossmouse, you can get 5x for the next three months off of beer”. Not an across the board program.


We have two Chase credit cards, a Disney Visa and a Freedom Rewards MC. They both used to do that all the way up until early 2011. The MC still does. This month is 5x of dining, department stores, etc up to the 1st $1500 spent there. It is like “found money”! You should look into that other card. Same company so same service level.


We have three visa and one MC and we bounce between them using the best promo of the month/quarter and never pay a dime in interest. We probably “make” about 400 a yr in bonus bucks.


Exactly - now that is a plan! We do the same. As long as you are prudent, it is a brilliant strategy!! :flowers:


I got several bonus offers in a row last fall and this spring, but I have not received any since. I have actually been wondering if I would be better off to get a different rewards card that gives cash back instead of using my Disney Visa, which is my primary card.


Look into the Chase Freedom MC.