Bonus night in BCV!


United canceled our return flight for our February trip. Bad news? NO! As a result they wanted to move us earlier in the day, I told them that would not work as our ride was for the original time. (Certainly they would not want me to hassle the Magical Express people with a change of flight time.) They told me they could either refund our tickets or move us to the next afternoon. (Suddenly hassling the ME people with a schedule change is no problem) We have been moved to the flight I was originally wanting in July but switched to a day sooner because it was nearly $100.00 more per person.

Bottom line, one more day at WDW and since we needed a place to sleep we got a one bedroom at BCV at 35% off! I am just a little giddy right now. :laugh:


Congrats! Enjoy


Nice! enjoy the extra day!


Excellent! Enjoy your extra day!


After spending that day at BCV, I’m certain you will want to stay there even longer for a future trip. Enjoy, and congrats on an airline working with you to make your trip good.


Oh wow what a result! well done you, enjoy that extra day!


I really have to give credit to Priceline. They did the bargaining for the next day for me and the customer service rep was excellent. It sort of took me by surprise because my dealing with their customer service reps in the past has been less than stellar.


YAY!!! Extra night :))


Great for you! You went through Priceline to get a deal on a WDW resort room??!?


Wow, thats cool!!! Can’t argue with an extra day at WDW!


Not this time. We rented points for OKW and BCV. Priceline had a sale on the flight. A couple years back we did get All Star Sports for $35.00 a night with a flight purchase but I have not seen a deal like that since.


Yay! That sounds great!


Good for you! Hope you have a great vacation. BCV is a great resort, your going to want to stay there all the time.