Bonus Points?


Has anyone out there gotten any offers for bonus points lately? I really need a new roof and found a contractor that will let us go to the warehouse with him and charge supplies on our card but i’m waiting to hear if Disney Visa is throwing out any extra points.
Last year we racked up by getting new carpet/slate tile throughout the house. Really would like a repeat.


Last time I received a bonus offer was before Christmas. Why don’t you try and call Chase and see if they can help you out.


I called before Christmas and they said there wasn’t anything there at that time.
Once they start the offers I figured i’ll hold off to see if one comes my way, but if they aren’t offering 3x-5x points like they have the last couple of years after Christmas then i’ll go ahead and have a roof put on.
I just don’t want to happen again what happened 3 yrs ago when I bought new bedroom furniture for all 3 girls and an offer came a month later.:frown:


That’s such a shame that you missed out on all those points. The only thing I can suggest is that you keep calling back to see if any new promotions will be starting. Good luck.


We’ve had the card for several yrs and the only time we got extra points was last spring for 3 months for groceries, and gasoline.


I never received any, I called Visa one time and they said it was all in the marketing. The girl was so nice, and even said she would send an email to marketing with my complaint, but I still never got any! Guess I’m not a marketing target!


I guess they target different parts of the county then. I usually get a post card in the mail once a year, and I thought it was usually sometime in the late fall.