Boo Hoo, missing WDW!


Last year at this time, I was at WDW with Disneybound’s family. Right now, I am sitting in a hotel in northern Michigan, on a ski trip. I am thankful to be here but…I would rather be at WDW. :crying: Can’t get it off my mind! I have no future plans in the works to go back to WDW. In other words, I am really feeling sorry for myself. But at least I can surf around here! :happy:


(((hugs))). I think all of us have felt your pain at one time or another! I miss Disney every single day that I am not there (which is most of the time). Why don’t you just start planning (even if it is in your head) your next trip. Even if it is five years down the road, it will get you excited… :wink: :tongue:


I know, I do try to start to plan, but it may sound strange but, I would be so disappointed if I planned and could not pull it off. I would like to go at Thanksgiving in 06 or 07 to see MVMCP, just cannot get DH to agree :sad: but I will keep working on it. The only way I can deal with it right now is by surfing Disney stuff on the web or going to ebay and looking at Disney pins. I will get through it…thanks for understanding!


I know how you feel - I just spent an hour on allearsnet looking at pictures of all the resorts. :crying: And reading all the menus :crying:


MM, it’s good to see you! I’m so sorry you’re in Disney withdrawl. I’m there too–even though I have trips planned! Have you thought about a solo trip?


:crying: Me too!!!

Hey Avon is also paying for my trip :biggrin:


You can take the person out of the parks, but you can’t take the parks out of the person, right?! :mickey:

When I get this same feeling, I settle down and watch our vacation videos of our trips to WDW! That, and any TV specials apout the MK that I’ve saved! It all helps!


THanks for all of your advise! I think I will start planning a trip. Who knows, maybe I could pull it off. My DD has been bugging her Dad to go back soon. In the meantime, I will be visiting here often to get my fix!
Have a great day!