i’ve been stuck here in FL soo long i can barely remember disneyland.

i know the last time i went was december 2005…but i used to be able to walk through the park in my mind.

now that i’ve been in magic kingdom every day…i cant do it.

ugh. i cant WAIT to be back on the west coast. and at disneyland. nothing compares!!!


Soon enough my friend hopefully you can get back to DLR where the True Magic will be re-lived in your mind, body and soul. Im sorry you cant remember…Thank goodness for youtube, google and much more! whew


It keeps changing, though…

In fact, within two years there will be no original parking lot left…


I can walk the route from ToT to Screamin’ in my head :blush: …wish I could make the music stop, though, it’s getting annoying.

And I keep having the urge to count down from five in German. :pinch: Must be time to start learning how to do it in Russian. :ph34r: