Book Review - Realityland


I just finished reading Realityland: True-Life Adventure at Walt Disney World by David Koenig. David had written the very popular Mouse-Tales about Disneyland many years ago as well as a few others.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It has a fair amount of detail about how Walt and the Disney Company went about getting WDW completed. I would say that some of the details about the early construction and the union strife, I had not read anywhere else even though I read quite a bit on this topic. I found these sections very interesting. In addition, the difficulty in getting Epcot off the ground was well documented.

On the downside, it (IMO) dwells too long on some of the negatives like accidents and crime that has occurred over the years at WDW. It also is pretty unflattering to Eisner and that era. IMO like him or not (not my favorite), the company did accomplish a great deal during his stint.

Overall, I would give it a “B” and recommend it.

If anyone has any questions, let me know and I’ll try to answer them.


I agree with all your comments . . . I enjoyed the book too! I passed it along to my Dad to read . . . he though the facts were interesting as well.

It was just amazing to me what goes into each and every park, the details, the blood, sweat and tears!

It’s a good read if you are a Disney fan and would like some nitty, gritty, behind the scene details! :laugh:


I love reading about anything Disney related. This might be one I need to get.


I’m thinking I may have to put that on my Christmas list. Sounds interesting.


Found it to be a good read for other tid bits of information (working around the unions and how Disney worked around them to get the park open was one). My wife said it took some of the magic away. We are just the opposite. I have to know how things work.