Book yourself or use travel agent?


ok, i need help! we have always booked wdw ourselves directly through wdw. but, recently i have read that travel agents can get you better deals. what does everyone else think??? i want to get the best deal.


I can highly recommend Keith at Mouseketrips. He has got us some amazing deals over the years, and he also amends our bookings if better deals come along. As we are international guests, we have difficulty accessing some of the better offers, so Keith has been a God send to us, saving us a ton of money too.


I second that! I used Mouseketrips and even if the price was the same as the WDW site they were able to apply any discounts immediately. I didn’t have to do any work. They also will book your ADRs and they have a wealth of Disney knowledge a phone call away.

On top of that they do not charge any extra for their services.


My dad’s friend is a travel agent who works for Disney, so we use her. But she can pretty get us the same price, I could. The only thing is unless you are REALLY into planning it the travel agents can usually find promotions you didn’t know about. Not that you can’t find them if you look!


We price it ourselves through WDW but our AAA agent is always able to get it for a little less (usually about $200-$300) so we book it through her. Plus I like having a pro to turn to just in case something goes wrong. Now as far as the airfare, we do that ourselves. We’ve talked to her about it, but she does the same thing we do~ check the websites & book the lowest available that fits our plans~ so there’s no benefit to having her do it.


I highly recommend Karen from Magical Journey’s.


We only use ours for the room and tickets though. We make all our food and fun reservations yourselves.


I also recommend Keith from Mouseketrips!!:laugh:


I have done it both ways and prefer to book myself. I am a high-maintance client, so any travel agent is glad I book myself too.:laugh: Seriously, I just like having control of my trip.


It doesn’t cost you more to use an agent and they know all the deals that are being offerred and will change your reservations if a better deal comes up. This means I don’t have to do the work. I only book through an agent when we are going to WDW. I can usually find a better deal myself at DL.


I prefer to book it myself and with so many websites available I don’t feel a travel agent can get a better deal than myself now. I find the planning part of the excitement too. I admit I do spend alot of time doing it but I love it.


I have done it both ways, not really a preference.


So I have always used AAA, thinking I was getting a better deal, but WRONG-O!
After you add up the AAA charges you really are better off booking your trip & air yourself. I was charges $60.00 by AAA just book my flights. I also found out that AAA agents can’t go to just any site, they have restrictions. For instance, I saw on the $500.00 gift card promo. My agent had no info on this because she cannot access that website. I had to get her the pin number so she could call. Another thing is because AAA booked the trip for me I’m considered a third party so I can’t change anything on my trip my agent has too. And she’s not always available when I need her to be, :huh:.
Another thing is if you sometimes have pin numbers attached to your name and your aware of this(like I did)unless your AAA agent asks for it, you won’t receive it.
I will from now on book my trips myself, it’s really not difficult at all.


I’ve done it both ways also and prefer a ta. She knows of all the codes etc. before any website has them and I’ve never had trouble getting my ADR’s. She some how gets them all for me. She does specialize in Disney, maybe that’s why. If I have to make any changes, I call her and it’s done. I do book our airline myself though as we have FF miles.


Used to do it ourselves, until we found Magical Journeys…our agent, Melissa, is simply fantastic…wouldn’t use anyone else!


That’s become half the fun for me! (planning the food & fun, that is!):wub:


I ditto that!


Haha, I agree! :]


I’m constantly on the Disney site checking out different hotels options, etc but end up calling the Disney agents to take care of it all. When I’ve found discounts that came out after boooking, they’ve always been happy to change and credit me the difference.


That is how I do it also.

side note. I have a friend that her neice booked thru a other source for the neice her aunt and the aunts grandaughter and they are to leave tomorrow and the grandaughter this past Saturday broke her leg. and the reservations where none refundable or changeable at all. I prefer to deal with Disney directly. So they are leaving anytime and taking a wheelchair with them for the 9year old GD to use while there.