Booked a room for one night


we are leaving one day earlier as dh wants to take his time driving down… so we needed on night for the night before we check into akl… i found asmusic for $89.90 for that night … not bad… :mickey:


Plus, you get there earlier. Have fun!


i know one night to eat . use the pool and do nothing much… I cant wait.:mickey:


Just being there is half the fun. I think I never enjoy the hotel as much as I can- there is too much to do. I need to soak up the atmosphere more… You can do it for us, and report back, k???


I love showing up a night early. We always give ourselves enough time to stop overnight if dh gets tired of driving. But, many times he’s good to go when we get to our resting area (usually in Georgia), so we continue driving and call Disney to see what value is available. Its so fun walking around exploring, sampling the food court, etc.


Thats awesome, gives you the opportunity to sample another resort too.


we have stayed at the music I actually like this resort alot… even more then the POP i think… a disney hotel just cant be bad. :mickey:


That’s a pretty good rate. I am aiming for being in orlando the day before we check in. Many doubters don’t think I will be able to drive the whole distance in one day, but I am a woman on a mission. That being said, I am scared to book a WDW resort and not make it that far…I have nothing booked for the 19th~!


you are a amazing women on a mission. dh and i have driven straight thru coming home… by the time we got home i wanted to bury him in the yard. lol… I could never do it on the way down… last year we drove straight thru to Jacksonville fl. it was 1:00 am before we stopped. . . I could never do it myself… the special room rates are good until tomorrow. u only have six days to go … go you!


It’s going to be tough, but I think we will make it. I am leaving NJ at 2:30am. I can probally make it it to Orlando by 7pm with breaks…lol


Dana you are my new hero … good luck and be careful. :mickey:


Dana we drive from Delaware and usually stay in St Augustine Beach overnight. We leave about 3:00 am and usually make it to St Augustine by 5 or 6 pm. We always stop at the Cracker Barrell for Breakfast and then I pack lunch. St Augustine is about an hour from Disney…I don’t know what part of Jersey you are from or how long the distance is from where we live. We are right over the Maryland Line. We have driven straight throught and have made it by 7:30…depending on the traffic