Booked a second room, I think I am done!


Ok, I think the next time I call Reservations, they may not pick up when they see it is me!

As you know, it is DH, myself, DS (13) and DSS (22). I wanted to try to find somewhere with more room for all of us and some privacy for DH and I who will be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary.

Between the 2 CM’s I spoke with (on Tues. night and Wed. morning), there was a room at AKL with a Queen/Bunk Savannah view, WL with 2 Queens or a Queen/Bunk Woodlands view, POFQ 2 double bed rooms but not together and CBR (which is where we are booked currently under 1 standard room) had 2 doubles together with Waterview. We opted for CBR with the 2 rooms, giving us privacy. DSS is over 6 foot and we thought he would not be comfortable in a bunk. Plus we thought the two of them sharing a bed may not be a good idea since they would probably get on one another’s nerves. I will call probably once a week to see if a King room opened up w/ a double room attached or next to it.

Then Sat. a lightbulb went off and said “Hey dummy, you are paying preferred prices now, call and request a room in Trinidad N. or Marinique in lieu of Aruba or Jamaica”. So I call, for the third time, and was able to have my request changed.

Now in the meantime, they supposedly sent out all of our paperwork on the 23rd for our original ressie, which we have not received yet. Plus they are sending our new reservation packet out.

DH thinks we are now going to be lost in the system and they won’t know what we have. I think we will be ok.


Well hooray for finally getting it all worked out! Since you know they’ve sent your ressie info, I’d call them in a couple days if it doesn’t arrive just to make sure the reservation got changed. I highly doubt any if the CM’s would think strangly of you if you called to confirm the changes, especially since you worked so hard to get them! I’m sure they talk to frequent callers all the time!


I remember reading somewhere that there were several cast members who had guests call so frequently that they knew them by name and knew exactly when they would be ringing to book etc! Id definatly give them a ring, no harm in that and just make sure that everything is in order for the day!