We are booked for 03/09/2013 thru 03/16/2013. I know, so far away…but excited still. The Cast of Characters for this trip.

DS - 11 at travel time
DS - 8 at travel time
DD - 4 at travel time

Wifes Best Friend
Her DS - 17 at travel time
Her DD - 11 at travel time

Also, booking in the next few weeks will be some friends from our church who went the same week we did last trip and we had a blast with em.

We are staying in adjoining rooms at the Art of Animation (Little Mermaid Room).

Now I can get back to work and stop trying to figure out when I am going “home”. Oh, it was so nice to call and book and them say welcome “home”. Knew they did that with DVC Members but they said it to me too.


That sounds like a great trip!! Let the countdown begin!! It will be here before you know it.


YEA!!! It feels good to be booked doesn’t it!


so where will you be staying? All of you in the same resort or …


Yes…All at Art of Animation. I was going to do Port Orleans but my little Ariel fanatic was on her Mom’s mind and when I mentioned the Little Mermaid Rooms to my wife…well, let’s just say I obeyed.

The other church family has not booked but ALREADY said they were staying at Art of Animation.


YAY! and YAY!

I think the World of Animation is a great choice - lots more room and an additional bathroom. And everything will still be new and shiny and pretty! Congratulations!


Many congratulations! Let the countdown begin!


396 days til trip
216 days til adr

yes the spreadsheet has been created


Sounds like fun!


Hurrah for having a trip booked!