Booked for December


Just booked AKL for Dec 12-14th. Got a passholder rate of $357 which includes taxes.

Now I just hope the company I work for improves financially and does not go out of business and I have to cancel!


yay congratulations. I love AKL, have never stayed there and unless the price for a room goes under $ 200., which it won’t, I never will.



we will be at POFQ from Dec. 12-19th.

it will be the 1st time we’ve been during all the xmas festivities…i’m so excited!

are you planning and ADR’s?


That’s exciting. Christmas decorations are so nice at DW! I loved the Osborne light show and MK decorations were the greatest!


I just went last week and stayed at AKL. With a discount code, I paid $174.00 a night, including taxes. Hopefully the next time you are able to go, a discount code will be available.


If you haven’t benn in December before you will just love it.


We have been to WDW every December for the last 6 years. We normally go the first weekend of the month. My DS’s birthday is Dec 10th so we have made it a family tradition to go to WDW to celebrate. This year we had to change the weekend because my mother (his grandmother) has missed her Christmas party at work every year because it always falls on the family WDW weekend. She asked us to schedule the December trip one weekend later so she can finally attend her party. Thus, our trip is Dec 12th this year.

We are paying under $200 a night at AKL. It is $159 plus taxes. It came to $178.66 per night with the taxes added in. Last year at AKL we paid a little less…I think it came to $171 per night with taxes.

We are not making any ADRs this trip. With Christmas around the corner from the WDW weekend and ds’s bday (we told him we could do a small bowling party the first weekend of December for him and his friends) we wont have alot of extra money for sit-down restaurants.


It WILL if you rent DVC points. :cool: