Booked for Universal


Went to WDW over labor day weekend…spent 4 days with the Mouse. Now it is time to go visit Spiderman and Harry Potter! Every year we go to WDW during the holiday season (December). This year DS asked if we could go to Universal instead. It is a trip to celebrate his birthday so it is really his choice. So after many phone calls to Universal, we booked two nights at the Hard Rock . I have our travel agent looking for a reasonable rate at a WDW resort to maybe go to WDW on friday and Universal on Saturday. It is over Thanksgiving weekend so I wont have to keep DS out of school.

Wondering how crowded Universal is over Thanksgiving…anyone ever been???


No idea about the actual day of Thanksgiving, but the Saturday after and the two weeks following are great for low crowds. That is our time of year for our vacations to WDW. No line waiting, temperatures are great, and best of all, holiday decorations are up.


I have never been during Thanksgiving week, but you won’t have to worry about crowds with that Front of the Line pass!
You’re going to LOVE the HRH. :heart:


I don’t know about the crowds, but you’re going to LOVE Harry Potter!


We actually had gone to Universal the first week the Harry Potter things had opened. It was very cool! Cant wait to see if they decorate it for the holidays.