Booked into 4 resorts in 1 day


Whew, what a day.

Started out with a split 1day room only/7 day at POP century, got a letter from POP saying main pool will be closed Feb. - March. While not a great pool, I like to grab our lunch and some drinks to sit by the pool. It will be 10 degrees this weekend here, my kids will swim in anything not covered in ice. So I called and got switched to Movies (Resort 2)

Then my wife rebelled,saying movies was too small. No slide, no restaurant etc. Pics and reviews on allears and trip advisor were not reassuring.
I called back later and begged for a Moderate. There were no moderates available for Free dining when I booked. Wow, standard room at Coronado could be had for $400 more.

So I switched the room only to Coronado (resort 3) and got the email confirmation, but there was a glitch. The CM behind the scene (helping while I listened to the resort soundtrack) said there was no availability for Coronado.:eek:

So after about 30 minuted they found me a prefered room at Caribbean Beach(resort 4) and discounted the rate to match the Coranado. Whew.

So about $420 to ultimately upgrade from POP century free counter service to Caribbean Beach Prefered with free regular dining.

That’s why I always say to call, sometimes the CM can work around what you may think is not available.


we arrive on March 23rd at POP for 10 nights. They have several pools, are they all closed? Until when? My kids will swim in anything too…probably even in ice!


Whew! I tired just reading that. I am glad you got what you wanted and for the special rate. You are right! It absolutely pays to call in these type of situations. Congrats and happy WDW trip to you!


Who’s on First?


I think I’m slightly confused.:huh:


If it keeps up you’ll be at Grand Floridian.


Hmmmm… ask your wife if she thinks the Caribbean Beach pool is big enough. For just a little bit more, you could be lounging in cabanas while the kids play in the waterfall… :happy::laugh: