Booked my first DVC Trip!


And we got Bay Lake Towers - Magic Kingdom View!!! (sort of!) I just booked it yesterday for the last week of March, 2010. I couldn’t believe we got the MK view with it being a more popular time to go, but it was available. After I booked it, I called my older ds, and his reply was “but I’d rather be at AKV.” He put the other ds on the phone, and I told him and his reply “what about AKV?” So, we came to a compromise, we’ll stay at BLT for the first two nights, and then move over to AKV for the remainder of the time. Just hope something is available 7 months out.


I wouldn’t sweat it. If there’s nothing available at 7 months you’ve got BLT. I might even “forget” to check if BLT was where I wanted to stay. :biggrin:


Congratulations! You did the right thing. Always book your home resort as close to 11 months as possible then you can change to another resort at 7 month of you want. Enjoy planning your first trip home.


Awesome!! And you only have 10 months to wait. Fun planning!!


Wow, cool!! I bet your DS will change his mind.


… Cool … :cool:


I bet so too. Just get him into BLT (especially with that MK view!!) and he’ll probably forget all about AKV! :wink:


Have they had a look at BLT? Once they do I doubt they’ll want to be moving resorts! Especially when you can watch the fireworks from your window and see the castle every morning you wake up! Perfection! Enjoy it and take tons of piccies for us!


I would show them the pictures of BLT that Wishy just posted. I’m sure it will convince them to stay. Amazing!


Congrats! I can’t wait for our trip to BLT!