Booked Our Trip!


We are all set to go to WDW and stay at ASMo from May 30 -June 2! I am so excited!!
We probably won’t tell the kids untill we are on the way!! Thank goodness its only 39 days away or I wouldn’t be able to hold out.


Congratulations! You are going to have a great trip!

Good luck trying to hide it from your kids! :biggrin: :biggrin:


Welcome to DC. What a way to celebrate a birthday. Don’t forget to get a birthday button for your DD.


Hi and welcome!

Thats great! What a quick countdown.
Mine started at over 350 days…


Congratulations on your trip!!

We are going to be there at the same time for my DS’s 8th birthday (May 31). Have you planned any of your meals yet? Your kids are the perfect age for Chef Mickey’s or one of the other character meals.


I’ve been thinking a lot about it, I thought about doing the princess character meal at epcot for DD’s birthday. Or we’ll do Crystal Palace because both kids love Pooh, and I don’t think DS is going to be to thrilled with all the princesses! DD really just wants to go to the Sci-Fi Drive In, she saw it in a book once and can’t stop talking about it, so we’ll have to do that sometime.

Our time is so limited that I hate to think about sitting down to eat all the time! I’d love to hear everyones suggestions though!


You’ll probably have a hard time getting the Princess meal in Epcot at this late of a date. But you should try Crystal Palace! My family loves that meal!!! And if your kids like Pooh and friends, all the better.

Since you will be there at a busy time, I would DEFINITELY try to make a couple of ADRs…so you at least have a couple of meals planned.


Actually I booked the Akershus Princess meal at Epcot this morning :slight_smile: Yeah!! Were doing Crystal Palace too. I still need to figure out what we went to do for the rest of the meals but the big ones are out of the way now!


Congrats to you on your trip and welcome to Diseny Central. I hope you come back and give us a trip report. I would love to hear about your trip.