So I just wanted to thank everyone for all your advice the past few months on trips to WDW in June, October and August. You might remember that I was planning a trip for my aunt and her kids.

In the end, she decided to go with August since the free dining plan was being offered and the kids won’t have to miss any school. The best part - because my uncle is terrified of flying, he will not be going, so I get to go in his place!! Yippee! The free dining plan tempted my mom too since she enjoyed it so much last year so now she is also coming along!

Last night I booked 6 nights at Port Orleans Riverside for the end of August! I am so excited! :laugh:


That sounds wonderful! Have fun with the rest of your planning.


WOO HOO - Congrats on you trip!


Congrats Karen!! I am so glad to hear it!!! Hey, if you decided to go with the travel insurance just remember that if it includes any flight protection that the insurance has to be booked within 8 days of purchasing the plane tickets!!

You are going to have a BLAST!


Whoo Hoo!!! That’s GREAT Karen!!! I LOVE Port Orleans Riverside. (Although it’s STILL Dixie Landings to me!) Have fun planning!!!


how awesome is it that your countdown starts with double digits???

Congrats!! :mickey:


I know! That is the best feeling!

Now I just have to figure out our ADRs!


Congrats to you!!