I just wanted to thank everyone for their input in my Saratoga Vs Beach Club thread. Ijust booked the Beach Club for 4 nights with a pretty decent AAA value. My dad wanted the Yacht Club but they didn’t have that available at the AAA price today. I may try to call back next week to see if any AAA becomes available at the Yacht Club since that is what my dad really wants. Anyone have any input on one of them over the other? I’ve always kind of looked at them as sort of interchangeable but it always seems that I hear about more folks staying at the Beach Club over the Yacht Club.

Whatever resort we ultimately end up at, I am pretty excited! Thanks again for the advice!


Congrats on booking your stay!


Congratulations! We love the Beach Club. Its a really nice hotel!!




Hooray, how exciting! I have never stayed at BC/YC but I’ve heard wonderful things about both…hope you love your resort!


Yipppeeeee. Congratulations. I am sure your dad will like it a whole lot :wink:


Congrats to you on booking! I think you will be happy with BC, but keep looking out for YC for your Dad. Both resorts look gorgeous, so I don’t think you can go wrong with either.


BC is a wonderful resort! Congratulations - I’m sure you’ll love it!


Two great resorts… you can’t go wriong with either one!


Congratulations!! We love Beach Club, it’s a fun resort and the location can’t be beat. We have some friends who love the Yacht Club and don’t really care for the Beach Club. Compared to the BC the YC is much quieter and classier (in my opinion).


Don’t forget your Red Sox hats!!:laugh:


There’s no question that we will not forget those, Franco! :laugh: We’ll be headed down to WDW after seeing the Sox hopefully win 2 games against the Rays in Tampa!

Thanks everyone for all your well wishes!


Congrats and happy planning!


There is really no difference between the Yacht and Beach. The rooms are exactly the same size. The views are roughly similar. They share a room service kitchen and menu. The lobbies are roughly mirror imaged. Servicewise there’s no difference and pricewise there’s no difference.


Yay!! Congratulations!


Have a great time…