We booked POFQ for our stay in October. Really really wanted BC but nothing available. We have never stayed here. Glad that it seems to be a smaller resort.

Any pointers?


We’ve stayed there several times, it’s refreshingly quiet for a Disney resort!!you should enjoy it, it’s been renovated as wel


We stayed there in 2007 and are staying there in Oct it was quiet and there isn’t a long walk to get any where in the resort and we enjoyed it before.


Congratulations! POFQ is such a nice resort! The size makes everything so manageable - you don’t get that feeling of having to trek miles to get anywhere. Take the ferry down to the Marketplace.


You will love it. The food court is very good, lots of choices, its a small resort, easy to get around, the resort is very centrally located, it is not a long bus ride to any of the parks, the boat to DTD is very pleasant, and the pool is great, my boys love the slide.


Thanks all! Excited to be going and staying at a new resort ( new to me).